How Yoga Works is a must read book for any level of yogi. This is a great story to learn about the yoga sutras and understand the in’s and out’s of your yoga practice. Check it out HERE.

If you want to dive right into the yoga sutras of Patanjai, this book is for you. It is informative and you can understand more about the goal of yoga. Check it out HERE.

Oh Gabby Bernstein, she is such a wonderful author I hope you connect to as well. This book will get your grow your spirituality and overcome fears off the mat. Check it out HERE.

One of my absolute favorite books and one of the first one’s that introduced me to my self discovery journey. Ekhart Tolle Speaks in such a beautiful deep way I fell in love with. I hope this book gives you as much joy as it has for me. To read more click HERE.

Did you know salt lamps can help balance out our sacral chakra? Who knew? However, they have much more amazing benefits and add some calming light to your home yoga space. I highly recommend checking it out HERE.

This one is the tea light version and I am in love with it! I light a tea light in it everyday and it is a great bath buddy. Check this one out HERE.

You can never have too much Nag Champa or incense in your yoga space. It adds a warm and familliar smell to your practice that reminds your mind and body it is time for some yoga. Get a bundle HERE.

A yoga blanket is a great addition to your practice and can be used various ways. I love using it before bed and getting a cozy stretching in. They’re inexpensive and useful! Check it out HERE. 

The cork block is amazing for those balancing poses and needing to be sturdy. The cork block rocked my world when I found it and still does! Check it out HERE.

Foam blocks are great if you are needing to place them under you. They give a bit more cushion. I recommend both cork and foam blocks, to check foam out click HERE.

I honestly, just started using the yoga wheel within the past couple months, but I think I’m addicted. They’re amazing for massaging your spine and opening up the chest. They have tons of uses and they’re really fun to play around on. Click HERE to check them out.

Let’s talk yoga straps, they’re great for getting more flexible and gripping where you can’t. They have lots of uses and are super cheap for how much use you can get out of them! Check it out HERE.

My saving grace right here. Anyone else have boney knees or hips? The best few bucks I’ve spent for my practice. No more rolling up my mat for cushion. Small, light, and amazing added comfort. Click HERE to check it out.