Create Your Home Yoga Practice

Learn How to Build & Sequence Your Own Yoga Flow!

Why I Made This Workshop:

I found yoga in a studio setting…I quickly fell in love with my practice, the teachers, and the space felt like home. I took my yoga mat everywhere!

Yoga was on the to do list everyday!

I was ALWAYS stretching and discovering new corners of poses I’d been taught.

My practice became apart of my daily rituals… between waiting for food to cook in the oven, brushing my teeth, and spending time with my favorite humans.

I knew it felt like home.

I fit yoga into MY life…

A few years ago I was pregnant and so sick with the oh so lovely morning sickness. Making it to a studio….a hot yoga studio non the less just didn’t feel good.

I still practiced small poses at home and made sure to stretch a lot. Looking back at this part of my life, it was a lovely turning point I didn’t see coming.

Fast forward, months later I was at home with a newborn. A lot of time at home to do yoga, but because of how our schedule was, making it to the studio wasn’t very convenient.

Let’s be honest babies are tough on the wallet and monthly studio class pass can be too.

This wasn’t going to stop me, so I began to do yoga classes online, and do poses at home every chance I had. But there was something missing…

Yes, I knew how to do some yoga poses but...

I wanted to be able to pull out my mat, turn the music up loud, and just flow.

Do You Want To?

Enjoy your Yoga Flow at Home?

Crave Pulling Out Your Yoga Mat?

Connect to Your Practice?

Guide Your Own Yoga Flow?

Explore & Deepen Your Practice?

Meet Your Solution!

This is a workshop will help you take small parts of yoga you’ve practiced already & put them together in a way that makes sense for YOU!

Super simple and packed with different ways to customize your practice!

You’ll be able to map out your practice no sweat…or do, its up to you!

You’ll focus not only on how to put it together, but how to listen to your mind, body, spirit…

Ultimately Using Your Inner Intuition.

What’s Inside?

6 Parts with a Power Point Video Presentation by Kiernan

Mini Video Classes

Breathing Techniques…lots of them!

Worksheets & Printable’s

Plus Bonuses!



NOTE: While the world is facing a pandemic and we are all socially distancing. I decided to make this online workshop accessible for everyone. We are all in this together!

This is around what you would pay just amonth at a studio.

I want you to gain a lifetime of home yoga.

Take your practice anywhere and enjoy your journey.

Hey! It’s me…Kiernan!

Teaching online is my joy and I am so excited to share yoga with you!

I dove headfirst into my yoga practice and really loved doing the same with my yoga teacher training.

I am an Integrated yogi and teacher, certified in 7 styles. Additional Yoga Therapy Training including Assisted Stretching, Abyanda Massage, and Gemstone Therapy.

I get really lit up about the breath and incorporating a yoga practice that fits into our lives. For so long I fit yoga into my life, but I now see how beautiful it becomes when you embody a practice that connects you deeper with you.

“When you feel beautiful on the inside you radiate it like rays of sunshine from your being. “



How long will I have access to this workshop?

For as long as you breathe boo! This workshop is a journey for me too!

I know there is room for it to grow and you can grow with it too!
You will receive any updates right away!

What body type or kind of person is this made for?

EveryBODY is welcome! It doesn’t matter your body size, shape, flexibility skills, or how strong you are. If you can move then this is for you!

How advanced do I need to be?

NO! You don’t need to be advanced at all. This is perfect for beginners!

All you really need is to have a general idea of poses. We will be going over how to customize your poses. As well as a few beginner alignment tips to help you!

BUT this isn’t focused on poses, it focuses on building the sequence.

Do I receive the content all at once?

Sure do boo! It is given to you as soon as you purchase! No need to wait any longer! Get going on your practice!

Could I get my money back?

If you go through the entire course and are unsatisfied. It is possible to get your money back within 30 days from the purchase date.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutey YES! This is super important to me! I have partnered up with Stripe to ensure a 100 % smooth sailing payment process!

You also have the option of PayPal if you’d like!

Are You Ready to Grow Your Flow?