I have passion, vision, and purpose I am seeking to share.

I believe in dreaming too big, believing in yourself, and spreading positivity. I seek to help others cultivate self discovery and empowering one another. For me, yoga does just this, it is a tool and a vehicle for becoming a better me. I want to help others feel their best everyday.

My motto? BEAUTY.

I want to spread beauty with others. Here I mean raw and deep beauty, taking your light within to radiate outward and lead with your sunshine.


 I am a certified yoga teacher who looks for creating an online community to help others cultivate a 24 hour practice, no matter where they are in this world.

I am a certified yoga teacher, I specialize in 7 different styles, (Integral, Raja, Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, Sports, Choreo, Yoga Therapy.)  I seek to mold a practice around you that will feel right for each individual. I enjoy the change I see within each individual, and want to help them discover more of their power.

I hope to help others strive for greater, better, and become more of who they aspire to be.

 I am currently working on new things to help you in your journey! Of course, I am always writing new content for one stop yoga inspirations.

 I love to laugh and have fun. If it’s not fun, I’m not interested. I love to be on the move, whether it is being outdoors, hang with my family and friends, or of course yoga. I am a full time mother and entrepreneur.

I live in beautiful Utah and hope to travel the world soon.

My goal is to spread beauty through yoga. My dream is to gather others with movement.