Thought Work: How It Works

Thought Work: How It Works

Today, we will be talking about thought work. What it is and how to do it.

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What is thought work?

I do 1:1 coaching, doing thought work with others, but you can do this on your own too. Basically it’s taking a look under the hood at our mind.

Our mind creates our reality. Everything starts with one single thought.

Thought work looks at what is not working and replaces it with thoughts that work.

Seems simple right? It truly does, but our minds are messy and deserve to be cleaned up often.

How to do it:

First pick a topic of something you are working on. It is a place to get honest, hold space, and tell all!

If you are on your own you can grab a journal and write it all out. Get all of your thoughts out on paper.

We have now gotten it all out and now we can work on what is not working.

When we have a birds eye view or outside look we can dig deep and reroute. We will take a look at patterns, beliefs, paradigms, etc.

Second, this is where we let go, shed, and release. The place where we really look under the hood.

What are you thinking over and over that might be holding you back?

What thoughts don’t feel good?

What thoughts are you avoiding or ignoring?

What patterns, beliefs, or paradigms do you see?

For example:

I’m going to start with the paradigm and move into the thoughts.

Paradigm was,

“I was always going to be fat and it ran in my genes. Skinny genes didn’t run in my family. I would never be anything other than ‘fat’.”

Thoughts were,

“I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, enough…”

Eventually I unwound that paradigm. I decided to get healthy and I lost the weight. I found out that it wasnt my genes. It was the way I was treating my body.

Our bodies are a result of our minds, thoughts, and the way we feel.

I replaced my thoughts with thoughts like:

“I am beautiful, I am amazing. My body is powerful and strong.”

When I was feeding those thoughts that weren’t working for me, they grew. When I changed them and starting feeding the thoughts that worked they grew.

We have a choice in what thoughts we engage with.

This is how thought work, works. We take a look under the hood and get rid of what is not working.

Next, we invite in fresh new thoughts to propel and work for us.

After we have done all of the hard work, we can then set intention and commit to taking new action.

When we do thought work, just a simple insight may change everything for our lives going forward.

What are the benefits?

Our inner creates our outer! Our thoughts become our reality!

When we think the way we want to feel, we act and manifest the things we want.

Are you ready to do the work? Are you ready to step into your power? Are you ready to manifest your dream reality?

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Let’s go!