Conscious Creating

Conscious Creating

Today, we are going to talk about conscious creating. We will go over what it is and how to do it. Feel free to watch or read!

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What is conscious creating?

Basically, it is being deliberate within your alignment and action to manifest your dream desires. If you are misaligned or not taking action, you might not manifest it.

Set Intention:

Best time to set intentions is on a new moon! Working with the moon phases is powerful.

Click here for another blog/video I have on how to work with the moon phases.

Create a list and get clarity with what you want to manifest.


Go in and make sure the mental momentum is creating the momentum we want on the outside. Our inner world creates our outer world.

If our thoughts are messy it can create resistance against what we are after. Our mind will get in our way. Thoughtwork creates patterns and gets our mind right.

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Elevate Your Emotions:

Close your eyes and visualize and feel. Fill up with feelings of gratitude, love, joy. Anything that allows you to feel amazing. We want to really live it and picture it. Breathe into your heart.

Feel it and let it radiate throughout your being.

It will train our minds and our hearts to magnetize it into our existence.

You can also do this through breath work meditations. Check out my virtual breath work class here!

Trust Yourself:

Trusting our self is huge! When we decide to manifest something we must put the trust in ourselves that we can do it. If we truly believe it will happen then it will be easier to take action and use our intution.

Encouraging our self along the way is also good. It gives us the courage to take the leap.

Trust, encourage, and have courage.

Take Action Now:

If we aren’t taking action how can we expect things to manifest? Without action there is no reaction.

Taking action is key to manifesting anything. We must show up for the intentions we have set.

I know when I take action, I am supported. When I take action, I am guided. When I take action, I am given.


It takes time for things to catch up.

I always picture this like a boomerang. We throw it out and eventually it comes back. But there is that moment we have to wait for it to turn around and fly back.

I can’t wait to see what you create!!!