Empath Protection

Empath Protection

Today, we are going to talk all about empaths and how to protect your energy.

I am an empath. I thought I was just different. I felt deeply when I was around others or even watching a movie. People have always told me I’m sensitive.

It wasn’t until years later I discovered this was actually being an empath!

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What is an empath?

It can be someone who crosses paths with someone and can feel and take on their energy. There are also global empath’s where they feel the collectives energy.

We are tapping into the information in the energy around us.

An empath can also soak in the energy and take it on as their own. If we don’t clear it out it will effect us.

How to protect yourself as an empath:


Crystals that are grounding or even solar plexus to uplift and connect to your own energy. They can protect you or channel the type of energy you want to work with.

Sage or Palo Santo:

Sage will cleanse your energy. Palo Santo will uplift it. It’s great to do when you get home from your day. If you don’t like the smoke, they have essential oils too!

Nature and Plants:

They are grounding and you can use that empath energy to connect to your plants. You might be a natural green thumb! Everything is connected.

Healing habits and tools to protect your energy:


As an empath we take in energy and hold onto it. We take emotions and feelings that store within our body. Breathwork reverses that. It goes in and clears up space for us to feel free.

Our breath is part of the spiritual zone which holds our emotions and feelings. It is a powerful tool.

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When we take on energy and other peoples emotions we might not recognize our thoughts shift. Our mind is connected the rest of our being. When we effect one part, it ripples. We might wonder where these thoughts came from.

Thoughtwork gives you a chance to have an outside perspective to our thought patterns. We can go in and clean out the mind. Kind of like taking out the trash up there. We can then shift our thinking to serve us.

Our thoughts are powerful!

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A beautiful way to physically move your body. To tune in and tap into your own energy. To connect to our own being and enjoy ourselves. It will also teach us to be present.

Often when we are out of alignment within, we are living in the past or the future.

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Dancing or Singing:

We are releasing emotions or feelings from our spiritual zone. This is such a fast, fun, and quick way to feel good.

Singing we can physically spit all of the feelings we’ve taken on. With dancing we can shake it all off.

Mediation and Visualization:

With meditation we are setting a reset button. We are clearing it out and creating a blank slate. With visualization we are rewiring the brain. Both ways are to put you in control.

Human Design:

If you haven’t heard of Human Design, I recommend learning more about yourself through it. Human design can tell us the type of character we are meant to play in the world. As well as the energy we give and recieve.

It can show us that we are an empath and where we take it on.

Last I encourage you to surround yourself with amazing people and rest when your body calls for it. Stay connected to your own energy and know when to take care of yourself.