7 Days of Spiritual Yoga

7 Days of Spiritual Yoga

I am so excited that I created 7 days of spiritual yoga. Did I mention it is free? Yep! It’s on YouTube so you can take the classes from home and enjoy.

My goal in creating this series was for you to feel connected to your light and beauty. I theme my classes for you to experience connection to your mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s how the 7 days will go:

Day 1: Yoga For Anxiety, Stress, Tension. 45 Min class.

Get ready for a soft flow that shifts into restore to end class feeling grounded. We will breathe a lot and do some simple energy work to literally shake off the anxiety, stress, and tension. The best part about this class (I feel) is we will focus on elevating our emotions to align with our being.

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Day 2: Yoga for Fear, Step Into Love. 40 Mins.

Do you know the opposite of fear? Yep! It’s love. When we feel love within we then will have the courage to run after our desires. I followed with this class because, anxiety, stress, and tension can all result from having fear. See how we are unwinding?

Day 2 is a gentle flow for some hip loving, that uses mudras to evoke new feelings within you. I will also use guided thinking to create new mental patterns to serve for your highest and greatest good.

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Day 3: Yoga for Releasing Emotions. 22 Mins.

Emotion takes up space within our body. Those emotions can eventually effect our physical body in sickness, aches, or pains (you name it). This class focuses on clearing out the emotions to go in and create space. Leaving you feeling free.

Day 3 is a restorative class that uses creative postures,heart openers, and lots of breathing. You’ll feel grounded as we tap into our senses.

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Day 4: Yoga for Stiff Bodies. 28 Mins.

This class is a creative class all about movement. It’s perfect if you haven’t done yoga in a bit or if you are a beginner. We will explore and enjoy our body. Even the small areas of our body that we forget to give love to.

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Day 5: Yoga for Energy and Passion. 20 Mins.

This is probably my favorite day! A fun upbeat class to get you moving and grooving. We will build strength, visualize, and tune inward. We will use a mudra to grow your spirit.

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Day 6: Yoga for Restore Balance Within. 30 Mins.

A gentle restorative class to restore your inner balance. We will use feel good poses, gentle breathing, and visualization. Leaving you feeling mentally calm and grounded. Grab comfy clothes!

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Day 7: Yoga for Gratitude. 30 Mins.

We are going to end the 7 days of yoga with gratitude. The feeling of gratitude attracts abundance into our life. It is a powerful emotion to evoke. I will guide you through thoughts and breath for self love. This class is gentle and perfect for any level.

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Thanks so much for joining me!

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