Connecting to The Spiritual Zone

Connecting to The Spiritual Zone

We are going to talk all about what the spirit is. As well as why we should connect with it.

What is the spirit?

It contains our emotions, feelings, and breath. Which are always in the present moment. It’s where our creativity is expressed.

In the body our spirit lives from our throat to our belly button. Your hands are apart of the spiritual zone.

Have you realized the power within our breath?

Our breath will tell us a lot of about our state of being.

For example, If I am anxious I will notice my breath is heavy and high in my chest. When I notice that I will take a deep breath into my chest to release tension and then send it into my belly. Instantly my anxiety is lessened.

Our breath will clear out emotions or feelings that our “bottled up”.

I do breathwork sessions within my 1:1 sessions if you’d like to see how to work with me click here. Reach out for any questions!

Working with our heart space…

When we take action from our hearts, our heart space, there is a feeling of ease and flow. We are present. I know when I do this I am excited and have those same feelings of ease and flow.

It only takes 5 seconds for our minds to get in our hearts way!

This is why meditation is so beneficial! It allows your mind to stay out of the way and let your heart speak.

I challenge you this week to embrace your spirit, start utilizing your breath, and using your heart space. Calm down the mind!