What Does Our Mind Create?

What Does Our Mind Create?

Today, we are going to answer this question “What does our mind create?”

Past or Future Only

Our mind lives in the past or the future only. A beautiful thing, because we are able to learn and create. But it can get out of control and create a “rambo mind”.

Spending too much time thinking in the past or the future can cause overthinking. Big time! Which creates anxiety, sadness, depression, lack of trust within, and not taking action.

Think of it this way… our past is for learning and our future is for creating. Once we are done with the thoughts of learning or creating we shut the door.

Find ways to calm your mind and take a break from your thoughts. Don’t get stuck in the past or future. Psst.. meditation is great for clearing the mind!

Our Minds Are Powerful

Everything starts with a thought. Everything!

Think about it, everything that you see around you, started with a thought. Each one of us have the ability to create with thoughts in our mind.

Within our mind, it all ripples out to our body and spirit. I call it “the ripple effect”. (I also have a video on.. you can find here.) Our thoughts create our feelings (spirit) and our feelings create our actions (body). Eventually our thoughts will have rippled to what manifests.

TIP: Easy way to tap into this… ask yourself “how am I feeling? What thoughts are creating my feelings?”

Be powerful with your mind, utilize it. The mind is like social media, you can let it control you, or it will control you. You choose.


Our mind creates patters and patters create our beliefs. Good or bad.

If I break promises to myself I create distrust within myself. As I distrust myself I may come up with beliefs such as “not enough”.

Do new things to get you out of your normal patterns. When we create new patterns, new things manifest.

What mindset patterns would you like to shift? What feelings or thoughts you are creating? Do you live more mentally in the past or future?

Comment on the video or journal on it!