How To Survive Mercury Retrograde Through Yoga

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde Through Yoga

Oh, the famous Mercury Retrograde. It seems to be messing people up all over the place.

So, what is it all about?

How do you survive Mercury Retrograde through yoga?

First, let’s talk about the planet itself and what it means when it goes retrograde.

Mercury is a masculine planet that rules our mind, timing, communication, and technology. It is the smallest planet, yet seems to be the most talked about when it goes retrograde.

It goes retrograde for about 2-3 weeks at a time a few times a year.

The amazing thing is we can either let the energy work us, or we can learn to work with the energy. There is positive light when this planet goes retrograde.

So what does retrograde mean?

It means that the planet appears to be moving backwards. That’s the technical look at it.

However, the energetic look at it, is that, the planet seems to take a rest. The way I see it, is that when a planet goes retrograde it is time for us to step up and do the work ourselves.

Planets are always doing the work for us and paving roads for us. When a planet goes retrograde it needs to recharge. Which means it is time for us to lift up the hood and look at our engine.

It is actually a beautiful thing when a planet does this. Especially Mercury.

What might you experience with Mercury Retrograde?

You might notice your communication with others becomes tough or heated easily. You might notice your thoughts are all over the place. Loved one’s you haven’t heard from or seen in awhile might pop up in your head or in life.

If you are prone to anxiety, you might notice it surface. As well as any tension. You might notice you are loosing things more than normal. Technology isn’t quite your best friend during a Mercury Retrograde.

Okay, so those are the ways it will work us, but what are the ways we can work with the energy?

Of course we are going to implement it with our yoga lifestyle practice. We will discover different yoga styles, yoga tips, and lifestyle tips!


Do you feel all over the place? Is your mind spinning? Anxious?

It is time for you to slow down and ground yourself. Practice long deep breathing within poses. Turn on calm uplifting music that will soothe your mind.

Within your restorative yoga, surrender to the energies that are causing you to feel disconnected to your inner light.


Opposite of restorative I know. Depending on who you are as a person, you might need to actually exert energy you are holding on to instead of surrendering and letting go of it.

If you find you actually are in overdrive this will be an amazing way to shed excess energy no longer serving you.

Within your power yoga, let it really flow, explore your practice, and really allow any feelings to surface. It’s getting it all out!


Calm down the mind, let it rest, and stay at bay. You might have more success with meditation after your yoga practice after physically calming yourself.

Any way you can mediate will do. Meet yourself where you are today.


Unless, they were already in process before Mercury Retrograde.

You might have a feeling of wanting to run or change things right now. The energy can be uncomfortable, but that isn’t working with the energy.

Instead, do some journal writing of things you would like to shift or change. Then after the planet goes direct, revisit the list and see what you can work on to feel better in your life.


This is not time to bottle things up or push through. Mercury wants you to slow down and release what is no longer serving you. Especially when it comes to thought patterns.

On your mat this is a great time to take deep breaths in, open your mouth, and force out your exhale. Do this a few times to create space and let go utilizing your breath.


Watch your thoughts, your self talk, and your language. No I’m not talking your cuss words, I’m talking your words. Are you thinking in an uplifting way or beating yourself up?

Think about what IS working vs what is NOT. Use words that propel you instead of keep you stuck in swirling thoughts.

This is a great time to do thought downloads in your journal. This means putting your thoughts down on paper. Then making the shifts in your thought patterns.


Crystals are great tools to work with energies. Go with what crystals you feel drawn to. Trust yourself, your intuition will guide you.

However, any grounding, calming, or protective crystals will be beautiful for Mercury Retrograde.

Be patient, listen to your intuition, and ultimately slow down. Allow yourself to let the energy flow. It will pass.

When we resist the energy it tends to slow down and send us into chaos. I know you can stay connected to yourself and actually enjoy the retrograde if you just allow.