How To Self Discover and Shine Your Light

How To Self Discover and Shine Your Light

For whatever reason I hear others get confused about self discovery?

Why should I?

However, the way I see it, I know we were put on this earth to shine our light. If you aren’t connected to your light, then there is work to be done. The work will be beautiful, as are you. 

Just to clarify, I am not perfect, I self discover everyday and every chance I have. 

Sometimes the connection within will be so radiant and bright. Other times you’re going to need to regenerate to turn it back on. Oh, and here we are. The exact thing we are going to learn about today. 

How to self discover and shine your light so bright others will wonder where you’ve been all along.


When you are in front of the mirror do you take time to stare. I mean really stare deep into your eyes? Longer than 30 seconds?

I encourage you to sit there and look deep into your eyes. Watch as its almost a portal into your inner light. You’ll notice your aura start to come out. It’s a deep appreciation we can create for ourselves. 

You are so magnificent. 

When you are done. Give yourself a wink. A genuine wink. 


We are all connected. I know this. When I look into the eyes of others, I see their light. No matter how bright they are letting it shine. I know it is there. 

I feel so sad when others say they “hate people”. I know how amazing it feels to love others. Even the one that is very different from me. It’s beautiful. 

What ways can you build deep connection with others? 

Looking at them in the eyes is a great place to start. Giving them all of who you are, not holding back, so they too feel free to be who they are around you. 

Reach out to others. Don’t be afraid to enjoy others.

Wait….what does connection have to do with others? 

When we connect, we will have moments where we see some of ourselves within others. They will be apart of our self discovery. We learn from others. It is so stinkin beautiful. 


Close your eyes. Do a scan of your body, spirit, and mind. Tap inward. 

Now, give it an audit. No judgement, just an observation. 

Where are you hiding? Where are you wearing a mask? Where are you not allowing yourself to be you? What pain are you holding on to? What parts of you feel heavy? Where are you holding parts of yourself back? 

When we bring awareness to our energy that we store we are able to let go and set it free. It might take some time and learning. But it is available to you. I know this. 

You can dump all of it out on your mat. Your mat is meant to absorb everything you let go of on the mat. It is a safe place for you to dig into you. Afterwards you will shine. 


Who are you? I know you know. Saying I don’t know is a cop out. 

Who are you?

You can either do this on your mat or write it down in a journal. Just start each time with “I AM”. The connection to yourself with gather momentum and you will dive deeper and deeper into who you are. 

As you do this, it is important to note, you are not writing “I AM” statements about who you want to become. Just be and see who you are in this moment right NOW.


Each yoga pose has its own energy to it. Its own essence if you will. 

For example:

Child’s pose, has a feeling of surrender. It feels peaceful, loving, and nurturing. 

Warrior 2 pose, has a feeling of strength and courage. 

As you practice on your mat. Take some time to feel out the pose. 

What type of feelings does it bring up for you? What essence does it have? What is happening while you engage in the pose?

This will allow you to experience each pose fully present. Which in return will give your intuition deeper knowing of what you will need before you step on the mat. 

Just like when you fall off a bike because of an unseen bump in the road. The next time you ride your bike around that area, you will know to go around the bump every time. 

We remember experience. 


You might hear me talk about this a lot. It is because I am so passionate about it. Yoga is not just a practice you do for an hour here and there. Well, it can be, but I know it becomes much more powerful as a lifestyle. 

Playing around with your yoga lifestyle will help you be more you on and off the mat. It will show you more of what you love or don’t.

You might discover new things about yourself you never knew.

Adding fun things in to your yoga practice, such as journal writing, tarot cards, ayurveda, astrology, etc. It is truly up to you how long the add on list gets. 

It is similar to when you go to a hair salon. A hair salon will give you a haircut you need, but you can also add on color services or nails. All the fun things to help your pampering experience be excellent. 

So what type of yoga experience would make your time EXCELLENT?


-Astrology + Moon Phases


-Human Design

-Tarot Cards


-Intuitive Eating

It can sound overwhelming. However, you don’t have to implement everything all at once. Baby steps. Feel things out. See what YOU love.

How funny, that just seeing what you like in this area can also be a form of self discovery.

Enjoy your process.