Tips to Believe in Your Beauty

Tips to Believe in Your Beauty

One of my favorite words in life is “beauty”. It has always been a sort of focus word in my life. Often I look for the beauty in the world in others. 

What happens when we focus on something? It persists!

So today, I’m going to give you my tips to believe in your beauty. 

This might be different from your normal beauty tips. We are going to focus on the beauty you already have, we aren’t going to change much, but our mindset. 

Sound good? Great!


If you wouldn’t say it to your child or someone else, don’t say it to yourself. 

Start with being kind to yourself. Even if it’s to make a reminder note on your mirror. You know that one mirror you stand and pick and pull at yourself. I see you. 

When you are self talking to yourself, look at the parts of yourself that you love. For instance maybe you love the sparkle in your eyes or the freckle on your nose. Look at those parts first. 

Tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you really are. Just like you would your spouse, closest friend, or parent. 

You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin my love. 


Where does your body need more love? Where can you give yourself more gratitude? 

I ask this question to my students before almost every yoga class I teach. It is important to communicate with your body and being (mind body spirit).

When we communicate, we build a deeper relationship with ourselves. 


You can do this while you practice yoga, or meditate, or just when you feel disconnected from yourself. 

Close your eyes. tap in and tune into your inner light. Breathe deeply. 

Now imagine yourself getting bigger in vibration. Imagine your aura (or just imagine yourself as a yellow field of energy) growing and getting bigger. 

P.S. You can also do this in a power stance on the mat if you want to incorporate it into your yoga practice. Such a great way to gather some confidence or inner strength.


Now that we talked about how to connect inward. I’d like to talk more about it. We often focus on our outer shell. We want to be stronger in our body, we want to be lean, we want less of this, more of that, etc. 

But that is living from the outside in. What if we lived from the inside out instead?

We have so much inner strength. We are incredible inside. Gather your inner strength, improve your mindset, look at the best parts of you inside. 

What makes you beautiful inside?

I challenge you to journal on that question and really feel your inner beauty. 

Once we find our inner beauty, we start to notice all the things on the outside change. This is tried and true in my world. I truly believe that each person is beautiful inside and out when they believe in it. 


One body, that’s it. We don’t get to pick and chose a body like outfits. We get one. 

Seriously, let that sink in. 

This was a thought I had when I hated my body the most. Then I thought, well I might as well take care of it and love it, because that’s all I have. 

Looking back that feels so pessimistic, but at the time it helped me slowly love myself. 

Accept the parts of your body you can not change or will take time to change. Change “I wish” to “thank you”. 

Nourish your body. Watch what you put in and on your body.

Add in self care rituals that make your body feel like it’s glowing. Start taking care of your skin.

Look at your health. What a blessing it is to be healthy. 


This idea is applicable to any area of life to shine more positivity on. I’m going to show you how to do it with yourself. 

Grab a paper or close your eyes. Start small with things that won’t bring up judgement. 

What do you love about yourself? What do you appreciate about yourself? 

List things until you can’t anymore. After a bit you will be rolling in appreciation and love for yourself. 

I truly believe you are beautiful. No, I can’t see the other side of the screen. But you are human and reading this. Just the fact that you are looking at an article on tips to believe your beauty, is a sign you are beautiful. 

You don’t need to change anything about yourself. You are breathing. You are healthy. You are amazing. Please don’t ever forget that.

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Love, Kiernan Bee