Yoga For Your Ayurvedic Dosha: Kapha, Pitta, Vata

Yoga For Your Ayurvedic Dosha: Kapha, Pitta, Vata

Ayurveda, is an amazing way to balance yourself out. It’s all about working with your Dosha instead of against it.

However, today we are going to talk about yoga for your Ayurvedic Dosha.

If you are unfamiliar with Ayurveda or The Dosha’s click here to discover what we are talking about.

Otherwise, let’s have some fun finding yoga that fits you!

Before we dive in, I want to talk about The Dosha’s. As I have learned about Dosha over the years, I have come to notice that my Dosha seems to shift with seasons as well as mind vs body.

We have all Dosha’s within us, it just depends on which ones seem to be most dominant. You may also find it beneficial to read all 3 Dosha’s or book mark this article for later, when unbalances pop up.

Okay, lets do this!


Kapha Dosha’s are beautifully grounded and centered when balanced. They tend to be healers and lovers by nature. When they are imbalanced they tend to be judgmental, sluggish, and unaware of their bodies needs. 

Yoga, is a great place to keep a Kapha grounded just as they like to be as well as give them some energy. 

They key with Kapha’s is to STIMULATE them. 

If you are a Kapha you might notice you love coffee. This is because you tend to be sluggish by nature, so your dosha loves it when you get energized. 

Okay, back to yoga. 


Add a lot of breath to your practice. Breathing will help stimulate you enough to get you going on the mat. 

Pranayama and breathing techniques to bring some fire (Pitta energy) into your being is really great for you. You’ll want to choose breathing techniques that ignite your energy instead of slow it down. 

Breath of fire is an amazing one for you. 

Adding playful movements, such as regular salutations (cat/cow is a classic salutation, learn more about this in my workshop). 

Having fun with twists, turns, and switching things up often in your practice helps you get out of your comfort zone.

I see you Kapha, I know you love your comfort zone. 

You might notice as a Kapha you will lean towards the restorative or flexibility poses. But if you can add some strength or challenging poses this will benefit you the most. 

Meditation will be the easiest for a Kapha to pick up, they will enjoy the serenity of it. But try to end your practice with meditation instead of starting. You might not make it to the actual yoga if you do. 

For your Kapha spirit, turn up the music and let it add rhythm to your practice. Choose songs that make you want to move. 

I am a Kapha and I find I will get too comfortable at home sometimes. I will be soaking up the goodness of the restorative practice and will have to go to a yoga class to get moving again. 

Then I will have to implement more movement into my home practice. 

Doing yoga in the morning is good for Kapha’s, it creates a moving momentum for your day. 

Here is a great yoga flow for a Kapha!


Pitta Dosha’s are always ready to go, they learn quickly, and love to turn up the heat within their beings. When balanced you will find they are always on the move and excited about life. When imbalanced they tend to overwork themselves, be aggressive, and egoistic. 

They key with a Pitta is to SLOW THEM DOWN.

If you’re a Pitta you probably didn’t get super excited about that idea. But it will really benefit you if you can rest and restore your body. 

If you are a Pitta you might notice that you run on high heat literally and figuratively. You have the element fire in you. Think about fire for a moment. 

What does it look like, feel like, act like? 

How do you slow fire down or put a fire out? 

Water and dirt. From an elemental perspective water and earth. 

Adding more earth and water elements to your practice will help you balance out and get the most out of your practice. 


Start your practice with long, deep breaths to help you ground down. Try doing poses that slow your heart rate down (lots of forward fold poses) and take you into a more relaxed state of being. 

Pitta, keep yourself cool. Whether it’s some peppermint tea or lowering the temperature. Being too hot will make your uncomfortable and unbalance you. Be mindful of your inner thermometer. Check it often.

If you find you are having a hard time slowing things down. Try exerting some energy. Moving between two poses, in and out, of them will help shed energy. 

Warming up with some cat/cow can also be beneficial to bring your energy inward.

When you are feeling pretty balanced, allow yourself to have some fun. You have the strength, adaptability, and energy to be able to excel in the “fancy” poses. 

You will find you do well at power yoga, arm balances, and exploring fun poses in your practice. But be mindful that you don’t stir up the ego. Do them for fun and not for competition. 

Meditation and mindfulness are important to bring into your practice and lifestyle. You may find it challenging at first, but with time and patience you will notice the positive effect. 

Here is a great yoga flow for a Pitta!


Vata Dosha’s are creative, expressive, and on the move. However, they tend to be on the move differently than a Pitta. In the sense they sort of let the wind carry them around. If they are imbalanced they tend to be scattered, forgetful, and anxious. 

They key with a Vata is ROUTINE + FOCUS.

If you are a Vata you might notice that you take on too many tasks. You love doing things especially if it gets the creative juices flowing. 

But you add too many things to the to do list and get side tracked fast. You need to take back control.

You are air and ether. You tend to be everywhere all at once. So if you are way up in the air, you need to focus on bringing yourself back down to earth. Building a routine will help you to stay focused and stay in one place. 


Sun salutations or sequenced yoga flows are great for you, because they add that routine to your being. It will help your mind and body stay on the mat. Staying present. 

Ground yourself by holding poses for longer and taking your time in each pose. Slow yourself down and be patient. There is no rush for your yoga practice.

Restorative yoga is amazing for your dosha

Dristhi (focusing your gaze on one single point) is beautiful tool for you Vata. The more focus you can develop on the mat, the more you will take it off the mat with you. 

Strength and balancing poses will be beneficial for you in two ways. One, that you have to focus your mind, body, and breath in both. Two, it will force you to slow down, ground yourself, and be patient. 

Meditation might be the most challenging for you. If you are just starting meditation, a candlelight meditation might be really nice for you. That means grabbing a tea light or candle and focusing your mind on the flame for a few mins. 

Here is a great yoga flow for a Vata!

I hope this article helps you connect to your mind and body type easier. Ayurveda and The Dosha’s are a fun way to help you understand yourself better.

Until next time!