Discovering Ayurveda

Discovering Ayurveda

Today, we are going to be discovering Ayurveda is as well as the elements and dosha’s within it. 

Ayurveda is an ancient technique used to heal the body. Ayurveda helps to understand the mind and body on a deeper level.

I love it for helping in knowing what kind of yoga I might need to practice at times. In a couple weeks I have a blog all about the Dosha’s and yoga. Stay tuned.

What does Ayurveda mean? 

Ayur= means “life”

Veda= means “science or knowledge”

Essentially it means the science or knowledge of life. 

So, what can Ayurveda do for you?

It can help you understand yourself better as well as heal yourself in different areas. The best part is, you can combine it with your yoga to up level your home practice.

Discovering The 5 Elements:

Ayurveda is based off of the 5 elements of the earth around us. We take on each of these elements within our body. They can show up balanced or imbalanced. 

If you find yourself more imbalanced, it’s okay, we can use Ayurveda to bring everything back into feeling good. As you read, try to place less judgement, and more curiosity.

Discovering The Dosha’s:

Within Ayurveda, we have what we call The Dosha’s, which is your mind body type. There is Pitta, Kapha, and Vata.

You will find you recognize one within you stronger than the rest. That is your dosha. However, we all have each dosha within us.

Remain flexible as you lean and have fun with Ayurveda.

Kapha= Earth and Water

Pitta= Water and Fire

Vata= Air and Ether

What Dosha Are You?

Let’s dive into each dosha and what it may show up like for you. If you recognize one strongly within your body, chances are this is your Dosha.

I also created a free printable dosha quiz! Click HERE to grab it!

Then from there you can work with your Dosha to improve your diet, exercise, healing, and more.

What is a Kapha?

Kapha’s, are nurturing, grounded, giving, stable and secure. When they are imbalanced they might suffer with sadness, depression, over-giving, heaviness, and insecurity. 

If you are a Kapha you might notice you gain weight and build muscle easily. You hold onto water, your skin might be oily or more smooth. Your hair will be thick and luscious. 

If you are a Kapha, you might notice you love nature, plants, and trees. You love the earth. You might notice water soothes your spirit.

What is Pitta:

You can usually feel the fire within a Pitta. They are ambitious, ready for anything, intelligent,  great with communication, and expressive. 

When they are imbalanced they might be aggressive, “hot headed”, quick to anger, mean, and spiteful. 

If you are a Pitta you will notice you have a medium build, quick metabolism, sweat often, strong sexual desire, and build muscle well. You will notice yourself loving movement. 

Power yoga might be your jam. But maybe not hot yoga, because they are hot all the time. Fire is hot!

What is Vata:

Vata’s are creative, imaginative, tolerant, empathetic, and sensitive. Imbalanced they are, over sensitive, anxious, and forgetful. 

You will notice a Vata is usually very tiny, short, and have a hard time building muscle. These are the types of people who are cold all the time, due to poor circulation in their bodies. They have no fire or earth to keep them warm. 

This blog post could go on forever. There is a ton of information on Ayurveda out there. If you are a beginner I recommend you get the book “Idiots Guide to Ayurveda” By: Sahara Rose Ketabi Click Here to snag your copy!