Cues for Self Taught Yoga at Home

Cues for Self Taught Yoga at Home

Yoga at home can be tricky. Especially if it’s new for you. 

I never realized how intimidating yoga is to others until I started teaching. 

People are afraid of not being flexible, strong, or not being able to do everything. The aesthetics of yoga is the last thing we as yogi’s should be concerned about. 

Yoga is all about the inner work and using poses to learn about ourselves. You can be your own teacher and give yourself cues along the way.

Cues help us to stay present, pay attention to our thoughts, and get more out of our practice.

If you are new to yoga or just looking for ways to spice up your practice. I’m going to share with you some “cues for self taught yoga at home”.


Cue in, what do you need? 

I often say this to my students. I want to encourage others to tap in and ask their being what they need. You will find there are days you get on your mat and you want to hold poses for long periods of time and just be still with yourself. 

Other days you’ll want to move a lot and release the tension. Or some days it’s not tension, it’s just what feels good. 

Cue in and ask yourself within poses or your flow. Movement or stillness? What do I need?


Before you start your flow or even in the first few mins, close your eyes, do a body scan. 

Cue’s for the body.

Where do you need more love?

What is your body asking for?

Cue’s for the spirit:

How do you feel?

How do you want to feel?

Cue’s for the breath:

How is your breath playing?

Where is it flowing freely?

Within this scan you will tap into your intuition and learn how to listen. To really listen to your mind, body, and spirit.


 One of the best parts of yoga is the fact that it can be modified in so many ways! 

Whether you are a beginner or a master, there is a modification or variation for you. You always have the option to drop the knee, play with the position of your body, or take a new posture. 

Give yourself permission and cue in a variation, modification, or exploration of a pose.

If you are looking for some variations to explore, click here for some examples.


Bring more energy into your practice through your hands. You see we intake energy through our hands. When we spread our fingers wide it helps to bring in more energy we want to call in. 

It will also help you ignite some of your inner energy to help gather strength for your practice.


Watch your inner critic and how you are speaking to yourself. This goes for on the mat and off the mat.

If we are telling ourselves we are strong while in a power pose, we are most likely to stay with the pose and be strong. If we tell ourselves we can’t, we most likely won’t.

Your body will follow the cues of the mind. 

My biggest advice to give yourself is to have fun with your home yoga practice. Get to know yourself more within your practice. Add whatever feels good to your practice. 

Don’t forget, what your practice on the mat can always be practiced off the mat too.