Signs You Are Unaligned in Life + How to Realign Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Signs You Are Unaligned in Life + How to Realign Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Let’s talk about the meaning of yoga. 

Yoga means to yoke, or create union. 

Union with the mind, spirit, and body. It’s beautiful how we can break down our being into these 3 parts.

Aligned in our lives not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too, creates magic. 

We are able to feel more authentic, free, and confident within. 

But what are the signs that we might be out of mental, spiritual, and physical alignment within.

If we can notice what is feeling heavy we can create more light. 

First it is worth noticing how the mind, body, and spirit effect eachother. I call this “The Ripple Effect”.

Watch this short video before or after reading to deeper connect with realigning your being.


You wake up with no energy. You feel the want to take a lot of naps. You might find yourself restless at night and wondering why you are so tired all the time. 

This is an example of physical unalignment (in life and on the mat, we are not talking poses).

Being abnormally tired could link to many things within your routine, but it is also a sign that your vibration needs to reset. Yes I said vibration. 

A great way to push the reset button is to stimulate yourself. All levels. 

How to stimulate your mind: 

-Read books

-Listen to podcasts or positive media

-Learn something new

How to stimulate your spirit:

-Create art

-Listen or create music 

-Have a heartfelt conversation with someone you love

How to stimulate your body:

-Goto a power yoga class or any other style that gets your heart rate up 

-Dry brushing

-Get a massage or reiki


You just can’t get that zest in life. Goals seem out of reach and clarity hasn’t been found. You wish you could kick things into motion and find your passion in life. 

Here we are looking at a spiritual unalignment. (dealing with emotions and feelings here.) 

I have been there! I’m here to show you that you can flip the script. You can get motivated and inspired once again!

Flip the script for the mind: 

-Look for solutions and stop any focus on the problem

-Stop telling yourself you are unmotivated + uninspired

-Start thinking thoughts that feel satisfying and propel you forward

Flip the script for the spirit: 

-Let go of emotions + feelings hiding you or bogging you down

-Listen to your heart and not your mind

-Declare how you want to feel

Flip the script for the body: 

-More movement and vinyasa yoga

-Eat different things with lots of flavor

-Find some great crystals that will amplify your intentions and energy


When is the last time you gave yourself time to enjoy you? We are talking time to unplug and fill up your cup? To enjoy your essence?

This can be a sign of being mental unaligned. We all have the same amount of time in one day, one week, one month, and one year.

How come some seem to have a better grip on their time? Here’s a secret, we get back into alignment we can feel good about the time we have.

When we nourish ourselves we are able to make space and give more to others. It’s incredible how things shift when we give ourselves time to regenerate. 

If you don’t consistently make time for yourself, chances are you don’t. It’s crucial you develop more rituals to get into alignment within. 

Self care for your mind: 

-Raja Yoga 

-Journal out your thought patterns

-Create affirmations that excite you

Self care for your spirit: 

-Paint or doing something artistic 

-Dance and sing like no one is watching, literally no one is watching

-Do something new and fun by yourself

Self care for your body: 

-Restorative Yoga or a Feel Good Flow

-Go get pampered or pamper yourself at home

-Enjoy a peaceful walk somewhere in nature

Of course the list goes on! However, I have noticed these are the most common things that tend to pop up. I have them too! It’s all practice and being able to recognize when you are unaligned.

If you are wanting to create a life alignment practice, I’ve got just the post for you HERE.