How to Acquire a Life Alignment Practice

How to Acquire a Life Alignment Practice

Life alignment practice you say? 

What does that mean anyway? 

It’s a time in the day we take to nourish our inner beauty. To tap into our power. 

It’s finding what feels good. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Your own version.

Take yourself on the mat. Give yourself time to unwind. Find what’s really satisfying. 

To start we are NOT talking about alignment of the body or in poses. We are talking about a spiritual alignment, an alignment in your mind, and then it will ripple into your body. 

P.S. If you are looking for physical alignment tips click HERE for simple tips for yoga at home.

Moving on…

We are bringing our being into a full alignment with ourselves (mind, body, spirit), and our life.

This will bring us into a forward motion to allow ourselves to live fully. You’ll discover more to your yoga practice and more things you love. You can combine these idea’s or implement them seperate. 

The choice is yours! It’s about being more connected to yourself.

Let’s talk about how to acquire an alignment practice on or off the mat. As well as what it looks like.


Tapping into your intuition is really the whole point of our alignment practice. However, you might eventually ask yourself what you want your practice to look like today. This is where tapping in and asking ourselves some questions comes in.

What does my being need? 

Where do I need love? 

How can I nourish my being?

Sometimes you’ll answer with, Pen to paper, “today I need to write in my journal and release my thoughts”. 

Other days you’ll answer with, Turn up the heat “today I need to get myself in gear and do some power yoga.” 

You’ll start to be in sync with your energy and know what type of practice you need. 


Following the Moon Phases and the natural flow of the universe can help you know what you need when. It will help you work with your energy and recognize it. 


I’ve always told myself “if it isn’t fun I’m not interested”. Truth is not everything in life is fun, but when we have a choice it better be fun! 

So what type of person are you? What is fun for you? 

Maybe you love to read, write, draw, paint, get in nature, enjoy plants, take a hot bath, crystals, meditation, cook, bake, sit by a river, climb a tree, etc. 

Yes, yoga is in there too.

The list could go on forever. But what are some things that help you connect deeper to yourself. I bet that’s a reason you kept doing yoga. It helps us tap in. With life alignment, we are just tapping in, in different ways. 


What time of the day or you the most inspired? What time of day do you have the most free time? What time of the day do you need to tap in? 

The trick is to set time aside, so it eventually becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit it will most likely stick. You’ll enjoy that you time.


Or don’t. Either way works. But I find if I grab my mat I end up stretching and doing my alignment practice together. Sometimes I’ll get up and flow, other times I’ll meditate at the end, or skip it altogether. 

Our yoga mat is a space we have already trained our mind that it is “you time”. It’s time to be present, learn, and grow. 

Combining the power of my life alignment practice with my yoga practice has been powerful. I hope that it will be for you too!


Whether or not you decide to take it on the mat, you need to create a space that feels good. A space that feels like you. 

To read up on creating your space, read this post here.


I have a Japanese floor mat, it’s like a big over sized yoga mat. It’s great for any type of relaxing yoga, but it is also perfect for your life alignment time. 

Here’s what this looks like for me personally. If I’m wanting to do more inner work or do more restorative yoga, I’ll grab my Japaneese floor mat, my journal, a book, my meditation pillow, and plug in some headphones. 

I give myself about an hour and hang out, stretch, and do the inner work.

When we do the inner work, we create the outer.

Find a floor mat for you HERE.


There are so many ways to learn more about yourself. Probably some ways you haven’t even heard of yet. 

The more you learn about yourself, mind, body, and spirit, the more you can connect to yourself and be the best version of you. You’ll start to notice a feeling of ease and flow within. 

The world seems to teach us how to “enhance” our beauty on the outside, but how often are we taught to enhance our beauty on the inside? I believe beauty is an inside job. 

When we feel beautiful on the inside, we radiate it outward like rays of sunshine. 

Okay, so what are some ways to learn more about ourselves? 



-Human Design

-Moon Phases

-Tarot Cards 

-Reading or Writing


Any other ways you love to learn more about yourself? I’d love to hear about them. DM me on Instagram.

There you have it yogi. All you need to know about how to start your life alignment practice. Remember this is aligning your mind, body, and spirit to live fully in your authenticity. #believeinyourbeauty

Before You Go:

I found Natalie Brite Coaching a couple years ago, the one who first gave me the idea of exploring more alignment and yoga together. She is amazing and has personally helped me step into my power. I encourage you to go follow her on Instagram.