Fun Ways to Keep a Journal For Every Yogi

Fun Ways to Keep a Journal For Every Yogi

I was 8 years old at my birthday party. Some lady I have no idea who she is now, gave me a book with blank pages. It had “Journal” in bold gold letters on the front. 

I looked at her confused, she said “It’s a journal. You write about your life and later you look back and see what you wrote”.

Being the naturally sentimental type I am, I loved the idea! 

I wrote in it here and there for a couple years and one day it just stuck. Especially as I grew up, exploring who I was as a person, I fell in love with writing. 

Blank pages have saved me when I felt I was drowning in emotions. Especially the ones I couldn’t make sense of. Writing is the best way I’ve found to get clarity on our monkey minds.

Almost 20 years later, I’m so grateful for that lady handing me that journal. To whoever you were, thank you.

Most people tend to think that keeping a journal is sitting down to write out the events that have been taking place. Date it, sign it, and be on your way.

Which is totally not what you have to do. In fact you don’t even have to say anything about the events in your life. Unless you choose to of course.

There is so much more to keeping a journal. 

So I’m here to open your mind. To teach you the fun way to keep a journal for every yogi.

Keeping a journal can be a practice just like yoga. It can bring us more self awareness and connect with ourselves deeply.

Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our actions. It’s all the way the mind, body, and spirit work together.

Keeping a journal can help us get clarity with our thoughts. Which makes a ripple effect helping us gain control over our mind, body, and spirit.

Okay, enough said! Let’s jump in!


Stay with me here. It might sound a little out there, but it’s actually one of the most amazing ways to write. 

Automatic writing is where you get into a meditative state and let something or someone larger than yourself write. Some believe its their spirit guides, but I love to believe that it’s my subconscious energy within. 

Who knows!


My favorite way is to take my journal on the mat. Do some yoga, breathing, meditation, etc. And then let the words flow. 


Beliefs are patterns we think over and over. So if we can recognize patterns we can reprogram some old beliefs that are no longer serving us. 

Such as: “I’m not enough” “I can’t” “I fear” 

You may or may not know what beliefs need to be let go of. However, through writing out your thoughts you’ll begin to pick up on patterns. Or the things you say to yourself but would never say out loud. 

There is something about seeing your thought patterns on paper that really help to shift and pivot. 


 Do you ever hurt deep down, but just can’t bring yourself to discuss it with anyone? Or maybe you don’t want to. 

There is power in turning inward instead of seeking advice outside ourselves. The answers are inside. 

Sit down, and write out your feelings. All of them! See what comes up and rises to the surface. It feels really good to let it all out. It might give you some clarity on what you are feeling and help you navigate through them. 


Goals and intentions can become very powerful when we write them down.

Write down what you want your future to look like. It can be short term or long term. I love to map mine out following the moon phases, but find what feels fun for you! Get creative and write out exactly what your life will look like. 

What thoughts will you think? 

How will you feel? 

What daily actions will you take? 

Visualize it, write it, and watch it unfold. 


Whether you write letters to yourself or others is fine! Again, find what feels good for you! 

Writing letters to your future self is really fun and exciting. Or writing letters to your past self, can be healing. You might find yourself doing both here and there. 

Sometimes when I feel frustrated with someone in my life I’ll write a letter. This usually pops up when I’m hesitant to talking to that person, because I need more clarity on how to articulate. By the end of my letter I’m usually ready to have a conversation. Or sometimes I’ll realize it’s my own thinking causing the drama and I work through it. No conversation with them needed. 


We don’t realize how much or “to do list” clogs up our mental energy. I mean think about it. How often do you think about what you need to do. Especially the things you “haven’t gotten to yet, but you will eventually”. 

Writing out my to do list and I mean all of it can be such a weight lifted off your shoulders! It gives you less to think about. 

You can make room to think about things that are more fun to play with. 

I have found that keeping a journal and writing out your thoughts, feelings, actions can create clarity within your life. 

I challenge you to take 30 days and write. See if it’s something that you fall in love with. I know I sure did! 

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