Yoga Pose Tips: Heart Openers

Yoga Pose Tips: Heart Openers

When we first start yoga, we hear all about heart openers.

They’re a great way to let go of our feelings and emotions. When we give ourselves permission to release, we open up our spirit. Through doing this we can access more of our authenticity, love, creativity, and more.

If you didn’t love heart openers, I hope that convinced you.

I’m a lover of the chest openers and back bends. So for me, heart openers are a must every practice.

Though each pose we talk about, I’ll be giving you 4 pose tips to take to the mat. The pictures of each pose will be at the bottom of this post with the names!


Camel Pose: 

This is a pose I used to stay away from. It takes some serious back flexibility. But you always start somewhere. 

4 tips to remember for this pose: 
  • Tense your glutes.
  • Pull your shoulder blades together.
  • Press your thighs and hips forward.
  • Breathe into your chest.

Reverse Warrior: 

For as long as I’ve been doing yoga, my ego always seems to think I know everything in the world of yoga. Truth is, everytime I go to a class or practice at home…I learn something new. 

This pose was always an awkward pose for me.

Until a few weeks ago my teacher corrected me and told me to open my heart….wait it’s a heart opener?

For as many times as I’ve explored this pose I thought “I should of known that”. But that’s the beautiful thing about PRACTICE. It’s always that.

Ever since I have been paying attention to what should be going on in this pose. Here it is. 

4 tips for Reverse Warrior: 
  • Start in Warrior 2. 
  • Lean into your front leg not away…It should stay 90 degrees.
  • Press your foot into the ground.
  • Chest towards the sky. 

Cobra A.K.A Upward Facing Dog: 

There are so many variations of this pose. However, it doesn’t matter how far you can get your chest off the ground. The goal is to help your shoulders feel good.

We text, drive, sit, type on computers, etc. We do all of this in a forward motion. All while our shoulders and chest are being pulled forward. This is a pose helps your body to realign to its natural state.

Take your time in this pose! 

4 tips for Cobra: 
  • Thighs press on the ground.
  • Walk your hands in towards your hips for more intensity. Walk away from hips for less intensity.
  • Let the bottom half of your body relax fully.
  • Tuck your chin in. This will ensure your spine is aligned.

Fish Pose:

For some reason this pose is not used enough. It’s a simple pose that feels amazing. It’s a great one to add into a nice relaxing yoga session. 

It’s also a great beginner pose for those of you finding heart openers intense. 

4 tips for Fish Pose: 
  • Hands point away from your body. 
  • Slight bend in the elbows.
  • Chin to chest or hangs back.
  • Knees point towards the ground. 

Child Pose: 

Another beginner pose that always feels incredible. Use it as a resting pose, starting pose, or anywhere it feels good. Fall in love with this gentle heart opener. 

4 tips for Child Pose: 
  • Knees out wide or close together.
  • Stretch your hands out long.
  • Arms in cross or T to increase the heart opener. 
  • Let your hips sink towards the ground.

There you have it. These heart openers are very beginner friendly. The beautiful thing is they will stay with you throughout each practice.

Enjoy your practice beauty.