Do you ever look up at the moon? Do you know what phase it is in right now? 

Chances are if you are reading this, there is a full moon headed your way! 

If you answered no to those questions I challenge you to start watching the moon at night. And if you answered yes, then it’s about time you blend your yoga practice with the energy the moon gives off. 

It is a game changer! 

I love how connected it makes me feel to myself and the universe. 

Okay, so let’s talk about the Full Moon! What’s so special about it?

First off, the Moon rules our emotions. When we follow the moon we can get a better grip on our emotions and a better understanding on what comes up. In yoga, we also gain better clarity of our emotions. 

Blending them together can be powerful! 

A full moon symbolizes completion. 

So here are some ways you can build a ritual around the full moon energy with your yoga lifestyle! 


On an astrology chart the moon (and all planets) move through different zodiac signs. Each sign has its own energy, elements, and meaning that it brings out. 

Because, the moon rules our emotions each sign will pull at different emotional strings. 

If you know what emotions are coming up. Then recognize them within yourself this is where the magic happens. 

You can work with the energies. 

For example: 

If you are working with a sign that is making you emotionally tired. Which in return will make you physically and mentally tired.

Then it’s time to either honor this by taking a break and do some yoga therapy. Or bring some stimulation in your life. Maybe add in some Vinyasa yoga to your routine. 

Always listen to your being to know what style of yoga to do!

It might seem a bit overwhelming.

But studying the signs and using your intuition to guide you through your yoga practice can help gain understanding. 

To learn more about astrology I HIGHLY recommend this book here!


Just like yoga, we can set intentions with the moon! The new moon and full moon are the best for this! 

Since the full moon symbolizes completion, this is a great time to reflect.

Ask yourself some questions and see what comes up. 

Bring awareness to what you need next. Do you need to rest and reset or do you need to realign and take more action? 


I highly suggest writing out your thoughts while you reflect. This will allow you to see your thought patterns and what needs to shift. 

It will also help you let go of any emotions still holding on. When we let go of what is no longer needed we clear out space and make room for new to bloom. 

I am a big believer in the power of writing! 


This is where your intuition and creativity come into play! 

As you do yoga and follow the moon phases you will build amazing self awareness. Notice how you are feeling and ask your body what yoga poses it needs. Grab your mat and use your intuition to guide you through poses! 

Here is an example:

If the moon is making you feel all over the place and out of focus. This is a sign that you need some grounding. It might be time to slow down your practice, meditate, or add in some power poses to root down. 

You know what your being needs it is just a matter of tapping into yourself. 


I am no expert here! But I have loved pulling cards and seeing what comes up. 

Grab a beginner deck and just play around with them. Eventually, you’ll start to understand the cards and how they relate to you. They are super fun and you might get surprised at how accurate they can be. 

Pulling some cards or after your yoga practice can be a fun way to set intentions. It also helps you tap into the astrology world. 

Get my favorite deck here!


My favorite! Crystals can be great to place on your mat or carry in your pocket! 

The full moon is also the time to recharge your crystals by placing them under its bright light. You can even set some intention as you do so. 

Make it fun!

Also an example of how to pick a crystal for the full moon: If its energies are bringing up some feelings of lack or disconnect. It might be a great idea to grab a Citrine and call in some up beat energy. 


With the full moon you might need to regenerate yourself! 

Grab a tea light, some epsom salt, and take a long hot bath. You can also add herbs or essential oil. Oh, and I love drinking a nice cup of tea while I soak too.

Make it feel good to you. It’s your ritual to create. 

I love finding rituals to add into my life. It makes life fun by following the natural patterns of life. The moon and everything in the astrology world quickly became an everyday ritual for me. 

If you want to align with the moons energy I recommend reading my post Yoga + Moon Phases: How to Flow With The Energies.

Until next time! Thanks for reading!