Yoga & Moon Phases: How to Flow With The Energies

Yoga & Moon Phases: How to Flow With The Energies

Yoga is an amazing way to connect deeper with yourself. But the cool thing about it, is you can mix anything with your yoga lifestyle.

You can mix any other passions in with your yoga!

Over the past couple years, I’ve fallen in love with Astrology. It can get a bit complicated, but the moon is a great way to start.

The Moon controls our emotions. When we follow the moon patterns we can eb and flow with it too. We can connect deeper to our spirit which is where our emotions and feelings live.

Okay, so how do we mix yoga and the moon phases together?

Well we can do yoga based on what type of emotions might be coming up to surface.

For example, if we are feeling firey, we need to ground down. To do that we might need to do more relaxing yoga. Or power poses where we will learn how to control our energy downward.

As we learn about the moon phases, I’ll also be giving examples of how to take things on the mat. So let’s dive in! You can either watch the video or read the blog 🙂


When the new moon comes around this is a great time to set intention and visualize. This is the time to let go of anything no longer serving you. From here, bring it in beauty. Ask for what you want and put it out there. 

I’m a big believer that what we put out into the universe, boomerangs right back to us. 

Yoga for the New Moon:

Breath, Move, Feel, Meditate. Notice the energy will call on you to turn inward and make space. 

Breathing will help you make space emotionally. As well as let go, release, and clear things out! 

Let your body follow your intuition and move in a way that feels really amazing. This is a great time to find yoga poses that help you relax. 

Meditation can help us gain clarity. When we take the time to listen, really listen that’s when the magic happens. 


If you follow the moon phases and you’re starting to notice the energy shifts. You’ll see you get a mood booster here. Start to physically, mentally, or spiritually feel yourself moving towards your intentions. You feel recharged, regenerated, and ready to go! 

Yoga for the Waxing Crescent: 

You might feel ready to turn things up a notch and add more movement. Power poses are going to be really beneficial here. They will help you ground down before you take off running. 

Gather your strength!

Ashtanga yoga or any yoga flow that makes you feel amazing, is great for this moon phase!

As for meditation, you want to take time to visualize your dreams and intentions. Bask in the excitement of what is to come. It’s also a great time for moving meditation, candle light meditation, or even guided one’s! 


Utilize the energy boost! It is time to kick up the movement and heat things up. 

Remember those intentions you set at the New Moon? Now is the time we start running towards them and getting excited. 

Ignite your fire within!

Yoga for the First Moon:

Action, is key here. You’ll want to jump into action as much as possible with this phase. Don’t worry, you’ll be inspired to do so!

It’s a great time to explore challenging poses, power yoga, hot yoga, ashtanga, and more! If you enjoy classes, this is the time to go flow! 

As for meditation, it might feel hard to sit. So you can add in a moving meditation or even just do things that clear your mind. The trick is to be aware of your energy and check in with yourself. Writing and keeping journal might feel more fun than meditation here. 


It’s important to keep yourself grounded in this phase or the next one can feel heavy. 

This is the time to give yourself and things around you tons of love. 

In this phase the moon is growing and so are you! Take a second to reflect on the intentions and actions you have taken thus far. Give yourself some appreciation and gratitude for your growth.

Yoga for the Waxing Gibbous: 

Where does your body, mind, and spirit need attention? Ask, listen, and then move. Move from a space of nourishment. 

This phase might be a good time to concentrate more stretches such as: wrist, neck, shoulder, feet, etc. 


What is manifesting and coming up for you? 

The full moon symbolizes completion in the journey. This is a time to reflect and recollect. Notice where you need to make more space and redirect your intentions. But also get excited about what you have created! There is a good chance physical changes are showing up here. 

Life is a constant eb and flow. The moon phases will show you this. It’s a beautiful time to get present with yourself and enjoy the moment. 

Yoga for the Full Moon: 

Salutations of any kind can feel amazing in this moon phase. It will give you a sense of completion when finished. Helping you to flow with the energy. 

Some beauties will feel energized and some will need to slow their practice down. Either way, let it flow. Use your intuition to guide you. 

I also suggest putting some crystals on your mat and amplifying the energy happening. 


Turn up the gratitude beauty! You should be feeling on top of the moon (no pun intended). 

You are seeing your intentions and yourself blossom. This is a great time to hang out with others and share each others rewards. Get excited, the last few weeks you have been working hard. Give yourself some much needed credit and enjoy the view. 

Yoga for Waning Gibbous:

Another great time to get to a studio and enjoy a class or two. 

Heart openers will feel amazing in any style of yoga you choose. Work on your heart chakra and let your spirit open up. Get creative in your practice!

A gentle and soft flow will feel great for this phase. You aren’t quite ready to take a break, but you are getting close. 


By now you are ready to rest. Feeling tired? Craving a nap? 

With the sluggish feelings rising to surface you might find yourself confused at where your good mood went. Contrast is apart of the deal too! 

With this phase it’s okay to hibernate. Turn inward again. 

Yoga for the Last Moon:

Mediation will feel really good again and necessary for your sanity. 

Yoga at night that is slow and juicy is going to be the winner. You will want to sink into poses and let yourself feel what’s coming up. Yoga therapy or a yin type of yoga will be great. 

This might even be a time to skip yoga and go enjoy a massage!


This is a time to get deep within yourself. Explore the corners of your being that feel neglected and shine a light there. It is time to spend some time to regenerate and get ready for the next cycle of moon phases. 

You won’t even question if you should rest or not. You will feel it! Take a nap or two. 

Yoga for the Waning Crescent Moon:

Skipping yoga might feel good here. You might want to just rest completely. No shame in that! 

But if you do decide to go for it yoga such as Kundalini, Yoga Therapy, Raja, Mediation, etc. You’ll find yourself drawn to spiritual types of classes. 

Those are all of the phases of the moon. I hope that you find as much joy in the moon as I have. Start to recognize the patterns within yourself and work with the energy.

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