How to Build a Yoga Sequence at Home

How to Build a Yoga Sequence at Home

So you want to build a yoga flow at home? You know how to do poses, but aren’t sure how to exactly put it all together?

I have been there!

I once was like you. I’d been to classes, I’d done the YouTube thing, but I still struggled to flow on my mat alone. It wasn’t until teacher training and a lot of it to be able to sequence my own practice.

It seems you either need to be a teacher or be a student. But that doesn’t have to be the truth! You can be your own student and teacher.

Not everyone wants to teach others!

I hear you!

Today, I’m going to give you the tip of the iceberg to start flowing on your mat!

Turn the music up yogi!

Prepare Your Space:

Make your space 100% you! Light some candles, turn on your favorite music, and grab any tools you want for your practice!

Or not if that’s not your style!

The point is to create a space you want to do yoga in. Fill it with things that make you feel whole.

Set Intention:

Where intention goes is where intention flows.

You can close your eyes and set intention, write it down, or declare it any way you choose. But setting an intentions for your day or practice can help you be more mindful.

What shifts or change will you create?

Warm Up The Spine:

Yoga helps our spine so much and it is a beautiful thing! However, we need to make sure we are taking care of it!

As you warm up your body, pay close attention to the spine and how it feels. You need to make sure your spine feels warm and ready to support your practice!

Don’t rush it!

One of the most common ways to warm up the spine is cat/cow!


Part of yoga is learning how to connect and utilize our breath.

When I first started yoga I was amazed how much of my life I’d gone without consciously breathing. I’d just ignored its importance.

Doing yoga and learning how to control my breath as well as learn many breathing techniques truly changed my life!

So as you begin your practice set your focus on your breath and take a few deep inhales and exhales. You can even take this off the mat and explore!

Build Your Flow:

My favorite way to flow is to ask my body what it needs. To start doing poses and more poses will pop into your mind! Oh hey intuition!

We want to get our heart rate up, have fun, and explore!

You can also write down some poses you’d like to focus on and flow. My advice is to always find different corners of the poses. Meaning, where can we move differently in poses?

Challenge Poses:

Do some poses that feel electric to you! Light up your practice and have a lot of fun! You can work on poses you’ve been working on or mix it up and do some you have yet to try.

P.S. If you are doing some yoga that you want more relaxation for, then sink deeper into cozy poses here instead!

Cool Down:

Oh hey cool down!

This is where we want to give ourselves some extra love! Slow everything back down and use gravity poses!

Sink into poses here and let enjoy the last bit of your time on the mat!

Savasana or Meditation:

The choice is yours! The goal here is to let your being soak in all of the work you’ve just done. Take your time here! Its the most important part of your practice!

It is just as important as sleep is to having a good day.

Before you go yogi, I’ve made you a cheat sheet for you while you practice!

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Print it out, fill it in, or leave it blank for reference.