Benefits of Yoga at Home

Benefits of Yoga at Home

Thinking about doing yoga at home? Just starting or have been to many classes? No time for a studio?

Yogi, I hear you!

I practiced at a studio for a long time and in a blink of an eye I was at home with a new born. I no longer had time to make it to a class. But no way would I stop doing yoga! That’s when I started discovering my home practice.

I no longer could run around town and end a day in the studio.

Nap time became the new yoga time!

I unlocked so many benefits from doing yoga at home on my own. I am pumped up to share them with you!

Let’s dive into the benefits you can discover by growing your home practice!

Mind, Body, Spirit:

It doesn’t just help your body get toned or feel good! It truly helps us on all levels of our being. The awareness it brings to all levels of you are incredible. Isn’t it amazing you get to do yoga and fall in love with yourself more?


Yes yoga can build your confidence! I believe it does it even more when you create a home practice because you are your own teacher. You are pulling out strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

Of course this will follow you off the mat too!

Let Go:

We don’t realize how much energy we carry around us everyday. We store this energy within our being. Yoga can help us shed what is no longer needed and intake energy that helps us feel fresh and alive.

Being in the comfort of your own home, helps to really let go and not hold anything in. Take it from me, I’ve held many more tears back in a classroom than at home.


Building strength and flexibility on the mat? Your body and your mind is connected. When we are training our body, we are also training our minds. Everyone has the ability to have more clarity within their own mind with some practice.

Yoga is the best way I have found to understand your mind.


Thank goodness for yoga! I am pretty impatient, just ask my loved one. However, I really am able to tell the difference when I’ve gotten on my mat that day.

You feel more steady within and of course that radiates outward.

P.S. Being impatient can make our anxiety skyrocket. If you ask me anxiety isn’t something I want to invite in. Yoga super helps ease anxiety!

Time Ain’t No Thing:

Is time possibly your issue for not practicing as much yoga as you tell yourself you should or want to? Again I hear you boo! It’s time to not let time hold you back anymore!

You can do yoga for 2 mins up to and hour or however long you choose! Truth is, even if your practice is short it is still giving you the benefits.

It will even inspire you to do more yoga. You’ll crave it in no time!


When we give ourselves time out of our busy day to slow down we are going to build a sense of mindfulness. You will connect to your intuition better. Your mind will feel more focused and you’ll be able to have more clarity.

When we are mindful we will be more of our best self!

Self Love:

Self care or self love, you are doing both! And I will bet you now you don’t do enough of this already! So start now! Start giving yourself more love!

You deserve to give yourself time for yoga! Feel fresh and ready to take on whatever comes your way!

Your mind, body, and spirit deserve to move!

You’re Cool:

I remember my beginner yogi self dying in downward dog and looking around thinking “can’t I just look cool like them?”. I’m here to let you in on a secret. Now you can look cool! No matter what pose you are in or how stretchy you become.

You can look as cool as you want at home!

Anything Goes:

Ever sat down in class and had a teacher start teaching and you think “but I just wanted to relax”. You can do any style of yoga when you want and where you want!

Ready to sequence your own yoga flow at home? Click Here for the next blog that teaches you how!

Do yoga naked even! You won’t regret it!

Before you go, download the free cheat sheet below to plan out your practice!