Start Yoga at Home

Start Yoga at Home

Whether or not you have already started the journey of yoga I’d like to give you some of my tip top tricks for your home practice!

Rewind back to the past. I started a health and happiness journey. I was looking to live my life at its fullest. Of course I started at the gym and researching everything health related. But the gym got boring really fast and I wondered if I could make working out a little more fun.

I wanted more fun and more happiness.

I started with zumba classes and other things to explore. Which are fun too, but for some reason yoga called to me. I took dance years prior and thought, I could do yoga. Sure.

Fast forward, there I was in a hot yoga class, not able to touch my toes and dizzy halfway through. But I left class that day feeling more exhilarated than ever. It was home.

I stuck to my studio schedule for a long time and discovered that when I pulled my mat out at home, I was lost. I knew a few poses, but had no idea how to turn up the music and let it flow. Teacher training was where I learned this.

Fast forward one more time. Here I am spreading home yoga and so excited to teach others about it!

Today, I’m going to show you the best of the best I have learned along the way, so you can implement them and enjoy your home practice!


This is my favorite part about yoga. We get to connect inward and build a better relationship with ourselves. Try unrolling the mat, closing your eyes and just letting your body move. Pay attention to how the poses make you feel. This will take some practice, but it really helps to connect to your practice.


Our bodies speak to us through sensation. Focus your mind on what sensations you are feeling within poses. If the sensation is intense, this might mean that you need some extra love here.


I think I might mention breathing in every post I write. This is because I truly believe in its importance. Start to pay attention to your breath often. When you are doing yoga make sure to turn your breath up and breathe deeply. You can also take this off the mat and consciously breathe throughout your day. Could it change parts of your life?

Make Mistakes:

Yoga doesn’t have to be so serious. Falling teaches us to get back up on the mat and in the real world too. Obviously, be careful but also allow yourself to be human and make mistakes. You can learn things from mistakes.

Micro Yoga:

Huh? I like to call this yoga on the go. Give yourself permission to let go of having to do yoga for a whole hour. You can do 2 poses in the kitchen while your water boils! I also love yoga in the bath tub! Get creative and fit yoga into your life easily!

Be Your Own Cheerleader:

This one took me some time to master and still does. The world doesn’t always teach us to high five ourselves. But I believe that we should be more kind to ourselves. Get excited over wins. Really excited. Make things more fun.


Free yoga classes, say what? Yes! YouTube is amazing if you want someone to guide you through the class. No matter what style of yoga you are looking for! P.S. I started my own channel of yoga classes for you! Click Here to check it out and subscribe!

Honor Your Being:

Your mind, body, and spirit will tell you what you need. Your job is to listen and really listen. Take its advice. This will help you connect deeper within as well as give you direction for your flow.

Remember beauty, when we do the inside work, it creates our outter world. Yes, yoga takes movement, but it helps us create a beautiful world inside that we radiate outward.

Stop letting excuses stop you from your home practice. Commit to your practice!

Click Here for the benefits of what your home yoga can do for you. Or click here to read how to sequence your own yoga flow!

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