Take Back Control of Your Mind Now

Take Back Control of Your Mind Now

When you think about your thoughts how do they make you feel?

Do they make you anxious? Maybe you have too many? Do you get lost within them? Are they generally happy or not? Is your mind in control or are you?

A mind is a beautiful place, but it can get out of control and make us feel crazy sometimes. First hand I remember when I felt I just couldn’t escape my mind. It was always telling me things I didn’t want to hear.

They say we should follow our heart, but how can we do that when our head can be so loud?

Not to mention we have different parts of the mind that intermingle with each other and fuck, we’re lost.

Here’s a secret…we don’t have to be a slave to our mind. We can actually create harmony inside our head. This allows us to clear the thoughts that no longer serve us and bring in thoughts that propel us to where we want to be.

We might get a little deep, so just allow yourself to be open and take things in even if you can’t understand them right away.

It is time to take back control of our mind.


Have you ever noticed a thought popping up over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over….and ugh?

Yes, you are not alone. Our minds create patterns and those patterns create beliefs. What we repeatedly think about are patterns. If we don’t become aware of our thoughts we might take on thoughts that actually don’t align with who we really are. So if we can stop a pattern in its tracks we can start to reroute things.

Let’s just squeeze in an example and see how we can redirect it to clear our minds.

Say a friend tells you a story of someone getting robbed at a gas station, you then go later that day to a gas station. You are in line and begin to think of the story. Your mind then explores all bits and parts of the story.

The more you let your mind do this and the more you let your mind relive this story the more we energetically take it on as our own.

Later you might think that gas stations always get robbed and you need to hold onto your wallet tighter. You might actually start to be slightly scared of gas stations altogether.

Okay, when we write a pattern out it looks silly, but the truth is our minds cause this inside us often.

In this case, we could say be at the gas station and start to notice the good things. Notice how many people around you are not harmful.  Remember how many times you have gone to the gas station and came out safe. Realize that in that present moment you are safe.


We are energetic beings whether you realize this or not. If we think negative thoughts then most likely we receive negative effects. We have the power to redirect how we think. If you want good things to happen to you, then start thinking that good things do happen to you. It truly is this simple, but we must bring awareness to what we allow our minds to think about.

Be a match to what you want in life.


Pay attention to words. Words can evoke feelings within us. If we are thinking thoughts that make us feel anxious, sad, depressed, or stressed then that is how we are going to feel throughout our days.

If you are telling yourself how mad you are, then you are going to amplify the feeling of being mad.

So if you want to feel more happy start thinking words or thoughts that make you feel happier.


A quick way to get into a good head-space is through gratitude. Look around you. Take a moment to soak in the good things. What makes your life easier? What helps you feel safe? Who loves you and who do you love?

You could even try making a habit of this, which could easily create a good pattern, which could lead you to believing that you have it all. And with this like attracts like. Watch more things to be grateful for flow towards you.


Stop asking so many questions and just sit down and meditate. Practice will make progress and you will come to accept that meditation is never perfect.

When we meditate we can catch patterns in the making. We can ignore the ones we no longer want to engage with. if we can stop talking back to the thoughts we want to rid then we quite them and eventually they will disappear or get easier to ignore.

Meditation can help us see every word in our orbit and how it makes us feel.

We can turn our lack into gratitude.


“Yoga calms down the vibrations of the mind” -Patanjali

What a great quote for a great topic. Our bodies and our minds are connected. Use movement to listen to your body and feel into your heart center. We can feel free from our thoughts and liberated inside of our beings.

Best part is there are tons of different styles we can try out. Exploring different types of yoga can help us achieve different results. Mind, body, and spirit. Check out this blog post to learn about styles.


Our minds tend to either be in the past or the future. It loves to run around. If we can interrupt it and focus it on the now we might be able to stop it from going places we don’t want to go.

A few ways to get present quick?


-Move your Body


-Look for New Things Around You

The only reason the past or the future exists is that we can think about it. The NOW is where we want to be.

A few of my favorite tricks I have picked up along the way. I have suffered from anxiety and depression and it took me a long time to get my mind right. Once I learned how to be in control things started to feel easier. My days began to run smoother.

If you take anything away from this post is that you are not your thoughts. You don’t have to engage with any thoughts that come across your mind. You can be in control and feel how you want to feel.