Household Items to Replace Yoga Tools

Household Items to Replace Yoga Tools

Often I get asked what the best tools for yoga are. I am always really happy to give others suggestions.

But sometimes we might be at home needing a block or a bolster for a yoga video, but we don’t have it yet. You could be on a tight budget and just want to yoga without having to buy things. Or you just simply don’t know how to use it yet.

Whatever the reason might be, we can find substitutes around the house for yoga. Because, if I am being honest the only thing you need for yoga is you. But tools are fun and can be assisting in our practice.

Here are household items to replace yoga tools. You can make a great yoga practice at home.




Have you ever not done yoga because you don’t have a mat? Silly excuses. I give you permission to do yoga without a mat whenever you want.

A blanket works perfectly for this. You can do yoga in your bed, in the bathtub, or outside in the grass. So many places the world is yours!




Straps can help increase flexibility and reach places we can’t yet.

You can use a rope or even a belt. I like the belt because we can use the buckle as a pull through, but the rope is a bit lighter. I have even used a tie on a robe for a strap. Basically anything fabric and long.




A fabulous tool for creating alignment or stability.

This one gets easier if you have kids. There are tons of weird toddler toys we could use. But if not, we can use a small stool, the edge of a bed or couch. We could use a Tupperware container or even a shoe box. Seriously, get creative. Find something that is bulky, and won’t break if you lean on it.




Do you not have the correct clothing? Your pants aren’t tight enough?

Try getting in your pajama’s or do some naked yoga. I highly encourage if you are looking to love your body, naked yoga is amazing. There is something about moving without clothing that helps you let go of how you think your body needs to be.

Now you know, yes, I do yoga naked in my room sometimes.




Still, to this day I do not own a foam roller. I know it will change my life and I probably should invest, but I love using a rolling pin. I don’t really roll around on it, but I use it to roll out my legs which feels amazing. Sometimes I’ll use a tennis ball to roll out my back. Oh, and it feels good to put under your feet and give yourself a much-needed foot massage.




Another one, I still do not own. I use a pillow or blanket, depending on which one is better for the pose. You can roll up a blanket and some pillows are way more comfy than a bolster.

I have also seen others make a bolster. Which could be an option if you’re crafty like that. And if you are, don’t forget your girl! I’ll send you my address. Joking.




Pssh, we can make our own! Here is the super secret not really secret recipe.

-Spray Bottle

-Witch Hazel

-Distilled Water

-Your Favorite Essential Oils

Even just a washcloth with really hot water does for a quick wipe down.




I have never bought a meditation pillow because I have never been able to justify such an expensive pillow. There are three tips I have for you to try out.

One is to roll up your mat about half way and sit on the rolled up part. It works really great!

Two is to use whatever comfy pillow you have around your house. You can even get a simple pillow in a home section of a store. Try them out then and there.

Three requires a little more crafty you! Which the only reason I know this one is because my sister made it. Make a rice pillow. Sew some fabric in a square and fill it with rice. It even heats up for a warm butt meditation.

You can customize your practice and make it your own. Just because you don’t have specific tools doesn’t mean you must rush out to buy them if you want to have some yoga fun. The best part about yoga at home is you can make it more you. You don’t have to have more. Get a little creative and have fun with your yoga practice at home.