How to Make Time for Yoga

How to Make Time for Yoga

Where did your yoga practice begin? What internal shifts did you find as you practiced? Did you come out of class in a better mood? Were you in a stronger mindset? Did you feel better in your skin?

What kept you going back to yoga?

Maybe you started at home?

What drew you into yoga? What kept you in poses? How did you implement yoga into your life?

I’d like to share a short story and then we can move onto hacks for a yoga lifestyle!

I started yoga in a studio. It didn’t take long before I was addicted. I couldn’t wait to hit the mat and fold in half. I went in feeling okay and left feeling amazing. As a result, I felt more myself than I had in a long time.

Crystal clear, I remember the day I realized yoga could be taken off the mat. I was running to catch a train, I was stressed and had to get somewhere. Missing the train a second later, I stopped, sat down, and took conscious deep breaths. My mind stopped freaking out, my chest was less heavy, and I felt a shift. Somehow a friend showed up and gave me a ride just minutes later. I was back on track.

How had I gone my whole life without using my breath, I mean really using it?

What other tools from yoga could I fit into my life?

From there I became obsessed with making me a better me in my life. It’s become my passion and I want to spread it around!

Okay, let’s dive into how you make time for yoga without having to go to a studio or block off parts of your day.


Are you at the fridge? Do you need to get in the bottom drawer? Why not take a  Buddha Squat?

Take just 3 small seconds, breathe in, breathe out, and carry on.

Oh, you’re going to chop a tomato? With the bottom half of your body take a tree pose. Practice a little balance and a little rooting your energy down.

There are so many other examples I could walk you through. But really, you can find so many others, It takes a little shift in mindset. Start to be conscious of your actions. The cool thing here…you might find yourself being more consciously aware in other areas. This could help you be more you.



My personal favorite tool. You can use your breath in the morning to wake up. Furthermore, you can use it at night to relax. You can calm down the mind with it.

Start to consciously bring attention to your breath and watch as things begin to have more ease.

Anxiety? Watch it dissipate.

Best thing is, no extra time needed to bring awareness to the breath and its super beneficial for your well-being.

If you need any tips, join our Facebook Group, I post tips all the time! You can also ask questions!


How many times do we sit and wait places? In that moment have you ever taken time to stretch out your wrists? Have you ever taken a moment to close your eyes and turn inward? There are tons of things that are discreet if you’re like me and don’t want eyes on you.

Except, you could catch me taking sun pose in the middle of a restaurant as I work.

If you want to get bold, take a forward fold, a few twists and turns, and really make use of what could otherwise be seen as wasted time.

If you want to get some more yoga on the go idea’s, check out my other blog post here.


I assume you take a shower every day. The shower can be a relaxing place. Why not relax just a step further?

Try this!

Close your eyes, breathe.

Concentrate your mind on the sound of the shower. From here let your self-being relax into the meditation.

It might take a few times to not get distracted by the mind. Sound really helps to focus the mind so we don’t get so frustrated. It is a noisy world inside our heads.

Get crazy and add some eucalyptus oil to really feel refreshed and energized.


You don’t have to do full on poses to stretch. Also, you don’t have to do a full on hour practice, permission granted. You can do 1-5 mins of stretchy poses. You can also just stretch in ways that aren’t actual poses, but still feel good. I’d argue that stretching is still yoga even if you aren’t in an actual pose.



Have some time to actually take a class, but you’re at home? Free yoga is at the tips of your fingers, my friend!

Wait, pick me! I make yoga videos on YouTube for you to love and enjoy. I teach beginner classes every week and would love for you to join!

P.S. Are you a crystal lover? I also teach you how to use crystals for yoga too! Click here to check it out!



This would be next.

In yoga, we set intentions all the time. With crystals, we can draw in energy we want to call in and work with. It can help amplify the intention you have your eye on.

If you don’t want to get that deep with it then you can use it as an intention reminder. Every time you feel the crystal, you’ll remember what you’re focus is on.



We are really lucky we have so much knowledge to seek out and soak in. We can google anything these days. But, I think sometimes we look outside ourselves so much, that we forget to turn inward and listen.

Using your inner guidance system and leading with your power can get lost. Good news, it’s not hard to pick the habit back up. This is why meditation is so powerful. It helps us dig our power back up and lead with it.

If you find yourself looking up, how to do poses more than actually just getting into the pose. And figuring out what feels good, you might want to try using your intuition.

A great way to use your intuition for yoga?

Pull out your mat, sit down close your eyes and let your body just move. It might take some practice, but eventually, you’ll find yourself moving without much thought. Did I mention it feels fantastic?!

I hope this helps you see some new fresh and fun ways to implement yoga into your lifestyle. Humans complain too much about how much time they don’t have instead of bringing attention to how much time we actually do have. Everyone has the same 24 hours you do, yet some are getting more done. Or maybe you get more done. Either way, we need to realize time is not an obstacle, in-fact its simply an illusion. But let’s stay grounded and just reroute.

Weaving yoga into our daily lives is fun and can keep us present. Get in the now and realize that not having time is an excuse and nothing more.