11 Fun Things to Spice Up Your Yoga Lifestyle

11 Fun Things to Spice Up Your Yoga Lifestyle

So you’d like to spice up your yoga lifestyle a bit huh?

Well Yogi, you’ve come to the right place!

I’d like to sit down, chat, and expand your mind a bit.

I remember not too many years ago sitting in yoga class and having my mind occasionally blown by different things that I had no idea existed.

Through becoming a teacher and learning a ton, I’ve come to discover there are many different avenues of yoga you can walk down. I’m a believer there is a yoga for everyone, you’ve just got to find your flavor.

So today, let’s have some fun and see what new alleys we can find for you to learn and expand your lifestyle!


Color is really fun! We can dive into colors by mediating with them, connecting them to chakra’s, and simply looking at the world differently through hues. All colors have different meanings and what feelings or emotions they evoke. Some yoga’s require you to wear certain colors even. But you’ve probably noticed or can notice that the way you feel one day might persuade you to wear certain outfits.


Huh? What do planets have to do with yoga? Well my friend, I said the same thing. Planets are so fun to dive into and the energies they bring to your life. Different planets have different energies and we can even connect them to different chakras or our own personal energies. Vedic astrology is all about planets and yoga. I haven’t quite dived into this myself, but rather have been following the planets each month and what energies I might be feeling. It’s intriguing to me!


Oh the beautiful moon! This goes hand in hand with the planets of course! The last 2 years of my life I’ve been following the moon patterns and loving it! Full moon rituals have been my jam. You can really hone into your intuition and awareness through the moon. The moon affects the ocean, and we are mostly made up of water, just a food for thought!


Tarot cards are really fun to get clarity on a situation, thoughts, or emotions. I really love the thoughtfulness that goes into tarot cards. They get your wheels turning and somehow they are usually right on the dot with who you are and where you are. I really just tried them at first as a whatever thing, but they have quickly become a tool I use on full moons, new moons, or when I feel drawn to them.


Such a stereotypical yogi I know! But hear me out! I have been drinking matcha in the mornings and feeling really light and clear. It is supposed to give you focused, calm, and focused energy. It also has a ton of amazing benefits such as, immune boosters, antioxidants, metabolism lover, calms the mind, improves memory, etc, etc, etc. There is so many more benefits!


This is a topic we could deep dive into with probably a whole hour of talking about. But I’ll just skim the surface for you! Ayurveda is an ancient way of breaking down individuals using different elements. It can be used for health or just for self awareness to get in tune with yourself and your body.


Crystals can be used on and off the mat to bring in or dissolve different energies. You can even sneak them under your pillow. They have many different uses and are always so pretty! If you don’t quite know where to start with learning them, start my getting one that aligns with each chakra, and just start to feel them out. Maybe even go to the gemstone store and see which ones catch your eye and look them up later. I’ll bet there is a reason you picked them out!


There are tons of little stories to learn and see which ones resonate with you. Ever heard of Shiva, Ganesha, Etc? All of them have a special story that you can dive into. There is a whole world of yoga history. You can even learn about the different styles and how they came to be. Take your pick on where you want to learn.


The power of a journal is always underestimated. There is something about releasing your thoughts on to paper where you can actually be an observer. It’s a beautiful thing and I highly encourage you to take the leap and commit. See how it changes your world. You can even meditate and see what words flow after.


This one may seem a little random, I know. But, truth is it actually connects with a yoga style more than you realize right now. Food for thought…yoga can sometimes let go and release emotions by expressing ourselves through poses, meditation, breathing, etc. When we get creative we are simply doing the same thing for the emotional zone, just in a different way. Whether you are good at art or not, it can be fun and maybe a different thing to just be more you.


Play with ways to clear unneeded energy in your space! Sage is great for clearing both negative and positive energy, leaving the air neutral. Palo Santo likes to leave the positive energy, raising the vibration!

Through all of this, my hope is to inspire you to have more fun and design a lifestyle that makes you feel more you. You deserve to love each day the sun rises.

Yoga is a lifestyle and the poses are all that gets seen on the outside, but when you allow yourself to dive deeper, there is a whole world to create your own yoga practice.

I’d love to hear what fun things you love to do for yourself and your yoga lifestyle. I’d also love to hear what you’d like to learn more about on and off the mat. Till next time. I am honored you are here reading my words. Xoxo.