9 Fun Strengthening Poses To Try at Home!

9 Fun Strengthening Poses To Try at Home!

It seems that someone who does yoga tends to either enjoy for flexible poses or they like the poses that aren’t for the weak.

Strong poses have always been my personal battle. What about you?

Training the mind to turn around and say “no actually we don’t need to run. We’ve got this”. That in itself is a challenge.

However once we let our mind know how to reroute then we can breathe through the feelings and emotions that come up. We can deal with them head on.

Back to the physical practice. Our bodies then reap the benefits and show it.

Even though I’m not here to share yoga with you to look good. It’s all about inner beauty. What’s on the inside tends to radiate outward.

Today, I’m gonna show you the fun poses that will make strength training not such a beast!

Oh and their beginner friendly!

No need to get to serious! It can be fun!

First up!


This pose is a balancing pose and a strong pose!

Here we work on pressing into the corners of the feet and bringing the energy up to stay in place. It may be a thigh burner, a butt lover, and good for the core!

Warrior three is crucial to spread the fibers and flex the foot…that one in the air. It will insure you’re igniting the pose!


Before you get down dog…it’s dog not downward dog!

Dog pose is actually quite opposite in its nature. It strengthens the hips, arms, and of course the core.

Make sure your energy is in your arms. Shoulders over the arms and hips over the ankles.

It’s almost like a different version of plank. Sorta, not quite. Don’t get them mixed up!


This pose is sneaky! Maybe that’s why they named it rat. It doesn’t look too hard, but give it a few breaths and you’ll be saying “what’s next”.

This is great to stretch and strengthen the feet! The trick is to lean into the arms and really let the energy build up.

This is also a great replacement pose of dog is too hard on your hips or lower body.


Okay, so I’m not sure if this is the real name for these, but I heard it once and it stuck. There is a more technical name for this pose but it’s not as fun.

Any who, this is a great restorative pose. But have you ever thought to get your abs burning here? Doing 10 of these in the middle of a strong practice will get your core fired up!

It’s also great to let gravity open your hips too!


















This pose is one I always want to skip! It takes some concentration and even balance. But this one is amazing for your core! How long can you hold it?

If you need to bend the knees and drop the toes to the ground, you totally can as long as you keep your core engaged!


Horse pose is so good for grounding and building a strong foundation on the mat!

For fun, you can press up to the balls of your feet and really feel your legs say hello! Even pulsing up and down can be fun!


This one is a great pose for the fact that there are so many variations and modifications. You can increase or decrease the level.

Feel free to play around, drop a knee, extend the leg, etc. it’s your practice, why not have some fun?


Another great pose to increase or decrease to your level! Walk the feet in, it gets harder, walks them lower, well it doesn’t really get easier but it’s a bit more manageable.

This pose is a great way to build up to headstand or build the strength for it!

To protect the body, make sure the shoulders are in line with the elbows!


This one might be one to build up to. It’s not super beginner friendly, but I feel it’s one of the first ones beginners advance up to. That’s just my observations. Might not be true with every yogi.

Okay, so it looks bendy, but you know it actually requires a ton of strength to get into! It strengthens all the way from the wrist down to the legs and ankles.

It opens everything up and emotionally releases things so we make room for better things in your being! When we emotionally and mentally strengthen ourselves it physically comes up and might show.

There you have it! 9 fun poses to get strong! For tips and tricks to build strength on the mat, click HERE!

I encourage you to play around on your mat more! Do poses that you need instead of always doing the poses that you love. When you do something you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got. Explore your practice!

I’ll leave you with a quote that I found this month through a book called “Perfectly Imperfect” By: Baron Baptiste. It was a great book that connects you to the on and off the mat concept. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a beginner looking to dive deeper into your meaning of yoga.