7 Ways To Build Your Inner Strength

7 Ways To Build Your Inner Strength

Hey beauty, welcome back to your off the mat inspiration. Today, the goal is to inspire you so you can build up your inner strength.

I know the world has some radical energy, the planets are retrograde, seasons are winding down, and you might be feeling a little off balance.

If not, maybe it’ll still inspire you to light up your inner fire.

Humans always seem to be trying to get more comfort. Whether that is food, entertainment, clothes, connection, environments, etc. Just trying to feel good. We all want to feel good.

But is feeling good propelling you or holding you back? It should be propelling you. Not pushing, not dragging, not wearing ourselves out.

The point I’m getting at is we should be looking for things to get us out of our comfort zone! Because, when you are uncomfortable you most likely are creating changes!

So if we jump, how can we know we’re going to land safely?

Here are my trustee rules that I’ve lived by to get through your fear and to the other side of YES!




Have you ever changed so drastically that you almost don’t recognize yourself?

You’ve manifested a new you through the growth process that you wonder what to do with yourself now. Looking in the mirror feels good and your transforming into more than you were before. Change happens so rapidly that I think we don’t quite see it until we crawl out of the shift. Feels like forever.

Other periods of life we feel more connected to the present and the stillness that occurs in between that shift we talked about earlier. We are going for this! The more we stay present the more we step into our inner power. So in order to recognize yourself after the change, you must step into the person it will require you to be. You might get there a little easier too.




Dig back to yoga, going through a practice is an adventure. We go through our flow feeling all these sensations, embracing all of the emotions that rise up, and trying to calm our mind down of its restlessness.

We create tension in our bodies, so we have no choice, but to let go. Movement is powerful for us. We let fluidity take place of everything we say bye to. By the time we hit the floor in Savasana, we feel like no time has passed by at all. Meditation too, kind of goes by the same.




“The universe works fast when I’m having fun”. -Gabrielle Bernstein

Here and there give yourself a few pat on the backs and have some gratitude for how far you’ve come. When you’ve arrived to that new you, soak it all in, and really look back at your progress. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how far we come. Start with saying a big fucking “yes”.

Let’s make a decision to become more real and honest. Shall we? We must talk more kind to ourselves, but why not throw some more excitement in the mix? Make life exciting. Feel more silly, dance more often, and talk to yourself. Why not? After we’ve gotten that big grin on our face of I AM AWESOME. Get out! And start to live more of you.

Get bold, or not… if that’s your style.

You’ll start to understand all of the signs that came along the way. Hopefully, you’ll step up the self belief and keep going bigger. This includes your yoga practice too. You’ll play bigger in your poses and start to appreciate the journey.




Your heard it, just jump. Go for it. Set out to be unstoppable. This straight out of the gate action will have you never looking back. You’ll have no time. Once you jump then you’ll start to just go at it. Your mind will remind you of that image of getting through it all.

I know, it always sounds easier.

That’s just not thinking on the bright side. Think with a little more pep. You’ll get there in no time.

Hopefully, this was a fun way to inspire you to get more down to earth with you.

What are you holding yourself back from?




Have you ever been to a roller coaster park and at when you try to go to sleep later, you close your eyes and somehow you are still on a roller coaster. You feel very tossed around physically.

Is this how you feel at the end of your day? Or do you feel refreshed and ready for the next?

Which one sounds better and which one are you?

If you find you are riding the roller coaster make a decision to shift a few things in life. It could be more movement, present moments, laughter, or doing better to your body. You’ll find out what they are and be able to step off the coaster and get grounded.




Speaking if getting grounded…do it! Here’s how…

Yoga is a super amazing way to do so. Getting outdoors, especially barefoot is a great recharge and can be more relaxing. Crystals are also one of my favorite ways to help boost my roots.

The more you can root, the more you’ll be able to rise.