How to Live A Yoga Lifestyle

How to Live A Yoga Lifestyle

I’m a believer in living a lifestyle that incorporates yoga in micro pieces. On and off the mat isn’t just a slogan or something I say. It’s something I personally live. I want to spread it around and help others wake up to the idea of a yoga lifestyle.

Now that I’ve got your attention, how do we do this?

How can you do yoga today without actually grabbing your mat and doing yoga?

Dive in with me and maybe grab a notepad to stick it ok your fridge to remind you later.


First and foremost the best tool you can utilize is your, breath.

Anxiety, stress, breakdowns, confusion, the list goes on. We all deal with negative emotions throughout our day. But! What if when we were feeling all those feels, we took 2 mins to sit down and concentrate solely on our breath?

Here’s a breath tip: practice breathing slowly into your lower belly. This will induce a feeling of control in your emotions, calm of the storm, and a sense of stillness.


Either one of two things come to mind when you here the word meditate. You either think oh yes, meditation is powerful and start to relate. Or, you think this word again, I just don’t get it.

I used to be on the I don’t get it side.

I hear you. But, it truly is powerful and when you turn inward shift happens. I can not express enough how much meditation has changed my life and who I am becoming.


Give yourself 5-10 mins to reflect on your day, week, month, whatever. Sit down and reflect on your actions, thoughts, focus, etc. Are you living your authentic self? Check in with yourself and see ways of change.

The best way to do this? Write it out in a journal.


Yoga doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing where we flow for an hour. We can do simple stretches or postures to help us feel good.

Stretch your neck, hands, wrists, feet, touch your toes, etc. Listen to your body and give it some love here and there.

Trust me, your body will love you back for this.


Everyone had there own idea of mindfulness. Slow down for a few and pick a mindful activity to do. Adult coloring is a great fad to lean into.

For more mindful activities for adults, click here. I’ve written a great post on this before.


Give yourself permission to put down the phone, turn off all screens, and take a break.

Go for a walk, take a nap, eat something guilty, sun bathe, read a book, take a bath, etc.

Do what makes you feel good!


Music does a beautiful thing…it brings our mind, body, and spirit into the present moment. Yoga, also creates this similar effect. Find your favorite tunes and jam! Maybe even dance.

I believe yoga to be more than just a practice, but a lifestyle. It’s a chance to discover more of who you are. Embrace more of living and not just being alive, but feeling alive.

Create union with your mind, body, and spirit.  ?

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