6 Mudras and Benefits to Ignite Your Meditation

6 Mudras and Benefits to Ignite Your Meditation

Have you heard about mudras, but really don’t understand what it’ll do for you? I hear you yogi!

It took me a long time before I even cared to play around with mudras. Through this I have learned how fun they actually are and what they can inspire! Today yogi, I hope to pass on the fun to you!

First off, what is the purpose of a mudra?

A mudra creates an energetic seal, which can ignite or inspire focus through feeling. It is said, mudras can be healing for our mind, body, and spirit.

Just a quick point before we go into different mudras. They involve the use of our hands which is where we also intake energy, just as we release energy through our feet. Pretty amazing. I believe by doing a mudra you are manipulating energy to flow in; on how you are focusing on it.

Let’s dive in yogi!



Brings a sense of calm to our being. A great mudra for meditation, to end, or begin a practice.



One of my favorites I picked up in my yoga training. This mudra can help you focus. This is a great one for balancing poses and of course meditation.



This one is amazing and it great for chair, warrior, sun, and many other poses. It is a great one for a powerful meditation (no pun intended, really). I’ve noticed through my own practice this mudra seems to give me concentration and energy. However, you’ll find your own meaning to energies you find.



This pose means to remove obstacles. It is a great one for focusing on what you are getting accomplished. It can evoke confidence, resilience, and positivity. This is one of my favorites personally!



Prana means, “life force”. This mudra is amazing for focus, concentration, and gathering good energy.



I am unsure if this is an actual mudra or just a placement of the hands, but I’m throwing it in here! Because I believe it to be powerful during meditation for the intake of energy. Sometimes we need energy from around us to heal.

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