Tips and Tricks To Build Strength With Your Home Yoga Practice

Tips and Tricks To Build Strength With Your Home Yoga Practice

I’ve heard all of the excuses as to why someone won’t practice yoga, the most common is the flexibility gage. If they’re not able to bend in half they’re not able to yoga. Which any yogi will tell you is a lie.

But lately I’ve been hearing an excuse of yogi’s about not being strong enough.

Yup, I’ll admit I’ve been a victim of the lies we tell ourselves. Truth is our thoughts have a huge effect on what we achieve in our practice or don’t.

I mean that.

If we say we’re not strong we’ll believe it.

We are always stronger than we think. Sometimes it’s a small matter of not knowing the next step and we halt the growing process by excuses.

Could be conscious or unconscious.

Of course, I had to pass on my ideas of building our strength.

Before we start…I’ve got a confession…I hate building strength. I’ve don’t everything I can to avoid it in the past. But this year I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

The tips and tricks are starting to unravel and it’s time I share them with you.


I feel this is a good place to start. When you understand the why of something it builds trust in the process and we’re more likely to enjoy the ride.

Okay, building up is not only going to help you get into new poses, but it’s so much more.

It protects us from injuries. The more we create strength we’ll be able to become resilient.

It quiets limited beliefs. The more we see or feel progress we tend to instill more belief in ourselves. I’m talking on and off the mat. I’m a big believer what you do on the mat is what you take off the mat with you.


Great styles for this are power and Ashtanga type classes. They allow you to move at different speeds. Being sequenced gives it a benefit of not having to stop and think about what’s next.

Going in and out of poses can help you get and feel strong.


Wait…but you just said, do poses faster? Huh?

I know, but both are effective. Even though they seem to work against each other. I’ve noticed holding the poses really puts strength not just on our bodies, but in our minds too.


This one seems to be one I lack.

Hacking your way to getting stronger doesn’t work. You can do it twice and expect to be the hulk overnight. Even though you might feel better already.

Keep up the good work yogi. Find a balance between strength and flexibility. At least try.


Especially one with a chaturanga! Get that upper body feeling great! Sun salutations offer a good flow of strength and flexibility builders.

They’re simple to stay consistent with, you can do them fast or slow, and ultimately they’ll help induce an energetic feeling that might motivate you.

I hope this is helpful and remember first thing is first, get your mind right. Even if at first you don’t believe it.

Tell yourself affirmations that make you feel strong inside and out.

And if you’d like to learn the opposite and get flexible, click HERE for my tips and tricks on flexibility!