6 Step-By-Step Poses & Benefits To Feel Confident With Your Home Yoga Practice

6 Step-By-Step Poses & Benefits To Feel Confident With Your Home Yoga Practice

Alright beauty, today is going to be all about poses and benefits to help you feel more confident in your yoga practice! That means less writing for me, and more learning for you. How does that sound?!?

Are you ever in a pose thinking, “What is this supposed to be doing? What are the benefits? Am I stretching right?”. I’ve been there too. I remember I’d spend hours at the studio doing classes and when it came to my home practice I was a little unsure if I was doing things right, and I didn’t know how to put it all together. Without a teacher giving me directions, it seemed hard to know what was next.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, to put things together, start first with your intuition. Your mind really loves to ramble on about doing the correct poses together, if you are getting the benefits you are after, etc. Let the mind calm down and come to a simmer. Get on your mat and let your body show you what it likes. Your spirit will come out and you will start to feel the way you need to feel.

Feel Good

Let go of your expectations and let things flow. If it feels good, do it.

However, when it comes to poses alone, it is always good to get an understanding of different poses. Especially when advancing our practice. Putting things together can bring a lot of ah-ha moments.

So today, let’s dive into some poses for beginners or poses to build up to. Of course, you can do them at home!

I’ve broken them down, step by step for you with pictures. Don’t forget to pin the images for later reference!

One more quick note, I do these on our facebook group a lot and we grow our home flow together!


Warrior 2:






Bow Pulling Cat:






I’ll see you next time beauty! Don’t forget to check back for your on and off the mat inspiration! I love helping others develop their home practice and feel confident with yoga. Let me know in the comments or facebook group what you’d like to work on next!