5 Crystals For an Incredible Yoga Practice

5 Crystals For an Incredible Yoga Practice

Are you falling in love with crystals and stones? Are you gaining more perspective with them and embracing that people might not actually be crazy. You might actually be shifting and enjoying your day better with a few rocks in the pockets?

Or bra, if you are a true yogi, you wont have pockets. Yes, bad joke…probably.

I remember when I was first introduced to crystals I had a resistance toward them. My mind was full of wondering if they actually worked. I’m an earth sign so I’ve always loved rocks, and growing up in Utah, I really loved the rock structures we have.

Anyways…going back to crystals. I had a friend once tell me to close my eyes, as she held different stones in my hands, unknowing anything about them, she’d ask me how I felt. Almost every time the feelings I felt correlated with their meanings. I’ve been hooked ever since!

So, you are here to learn which one’s you should use for yoga! Well, yogi, I have a few you might feel drawn to. I have a lot of stones in my home, and these are just a few I love to take on the mat with me for a kick ass practice!


This stone has been my favorite lately for that special time of month where you question if you are psychotic or not. Well beauty, that to shall pass and you might want to pick up a jasper for your pocket.

This stone is a heart chakra stone with a lot of love. It helps to balance out the emotions and ease tension. Clear the water works and get it together yogi!

Put this crystal next to you for added comfort and a sense of calm for meditation. You will soon be on your way to feeling more your authentic self.


This stone is my absolute favorite stone for getting on a more uplifted; positive beat. It ignites a different kind of fire within my mind, spirit, and body, I notice instantly. I believe it’s a powerful stone that will help you feel magnificent in no time.

Okay, so what’s this stone do?

First off, it is a sacral chakra stone with orange and red qualities to it. A very eye catching stone. It’s great for collecting and firing up those creative colors inside of you! As well as give you a boost of energy and spark of motivation.

Take it on your mat and see where it takes you!


Yes, it is quite the popular stone and for good reason! First off, it’s purple and always beautiful as it glimmers in the light. A crown chakra stone to help protect you from negative energies that you come across. Set an amethyst on your mat and watch your being calm and slow down. Allowing you to be 100 percent indulged in your yoga practice.

On a side note this is a great stone to travel with, because of it’s amazing protective qualities.


Oh hey, root chakra and beautifully grounding stone. This is a stone that feels gentle and calming. You feel rooted and at peace for a whole like feeling. With it’s powerful but quiet qualities, it can help you feel more at ease with yourself. It will balance you out with a boost of confidence.

If you are feeling a bit on edge and stressed out, try taking this one on the mat next time!


I used to swear this stone made me feel crazy. But, now I have really grown to love its sunny qualities.

If you are looking to radiate more of your personal power…this is the stone you need to get now!  it is going to ignite your inner light and you might feel a little naked on the inside.

Citrine gives you a big boost of energy wherever you go. With this, it attracts a lot of light in to your world. It loves bringing you abundance. Did you guess what chakra it belongs to yet? Maybe by the yellow color it is?

Ah, ha! Solar plexus it is!

There you have it! A few of my favorites to help my mind, body, and spirit soar during my practice. I’ll keep you updated on some good crystals for different uses. They really help guide me through my journey and I am always picking out new ones! If you liked this and would like more crystal and chakra love, click HERE. And don’t foget to join the facebook group for crystals, chakras, self-discovery, and lots of yoga!

See you next time!