How To Trust In Yourself More

How To Trust In Yourself More

I’ve had trust on the mind a lot lately. I keep thinking about how we humans put so much trust in others without even recognizing it.

I hear others say, “I don’t trust people”, but you do. More than you believe.

Then I see and hear others not having trust in their selves or even their partners. Of course, loved one’s too.

Can you guess what this weeks off the mat topic is?

You got it…TRUST.

How can we get comfortable with trusting ourselves and others to create more harmony in our lives?


To Start

First, off let’s back track to where we place our trust so easily?

When we step into our car and pull out of our driveway, we instill so much trust in others. We trust that hopefully people stay in their lanes while driving 80 miles and hour. Or someone knows what the big red stop sign means.

We trust that when we hand off our debit card at a restaurant, the waitress won’t go shopping with it. We trust that it will come back and the numbers won’t wander.

We trust that the doctor knows what medication we need. Unless, you’re like me and don’t trust doctors and try to fix yourself. Most of the time, I heal myself. But there I am also trusting my body that it will heal itself with the Colloidal Silver I just washed down my throat. Or the essential oil is the right thing for my illness.

Okay, moving on, I think we get the idea of how much trust we have.

What if we trusted ourselves to run after our dreams and get them to dance under the stars with us?

If we actually wholeheartedly believed in ourselves to get the joy we deserve in life?

My answer to everything? Yep, yoga!

Yoga can help us really believe in our mind, body, and spirit to take on new things and evolve.

How can we combine yoga to trust in the universe more? Let’s dive off the deep end and see where we can land.



Start to turn inward when you feel you want to turn around and cozy up in your comfort zone. You’re “gut” tells all. It knots and tells you when your intuition says, “nope this doesn’t feel right”. What if we could just stop for 3 seconds, just to feel a little more. Feel if it feels good or not. Turn to your inner self for guidance.



Of course, my other answer to everything. Meditate on it. It plays off feeling, when you stop and meditate you are again turning to your inner strength. Here we have the ability to build up that inner intuition and understand how to dissect our feelings.



Mindfully, take a moment to really soak in a good breath. Maybe if you decide to take a breath instead of say that one word, that might steer everything down a different road. Could this give you option choose your words wisely and decide which road to take?

When things are feeling out of your control, take a deep breath and control the one thing you can control…you.



Or poses, yes yoga poses or even sequences can help instill trust in ourselves. For example, if you doubt yourself to get into a head stand, and then you do it. You teach your mind to believe in your body a bit more. You teach your body to show you how strong you really are.

Wait a minute, what is happening here? Your body and your mind are always connected, and we can learn how they do so through poses. This results in some powerful spiritual gains. Which with your spiritual intelligence growing, you can control emotions from getting in the way of recognizing feelings. Which will propel you to get where you are going. Imagine that?



What crystals can be good for trust? I could probably list too many, but any blue stone you feel drawn to is good. This is the throat chakra zone and can help you speak more of your truth, turn into your intuition, and believe in yourself. But really if another one that is not blue calls out to you for this then maybe that’s the stone you need.



Watch out for patterns you know you always create. Do you tend to run at the first sign of trouble? Or do you wait until you’ve failed a few times then decide to drop everything and re-route? Do you put off the start because of the unknown of getting to the finish line? Break the patterns and recognize how you operate. Push through this and watch the breakthroughs that fire.



I have been so hungry for knowledge lately. I have wanted to soak in information like a sponge. While I believe there is a fine balance to listening to yourself and others. Books allow us to learn off other experiences or adventures. Pick up a book full of pages that might be able to fill up your cup to further your development.



Support yourself the way you support others. Maybe it’s the opposite way for you? Either way, support your decisions and be kind to them. Start to put good energy into your aspirations and watch them manifest with speed. Start turning your trust in to knowing.

You can get where you are going. You can grow and blossom. It takes some trust and a little belief in your beauty.