How to Get Rid of Anxiety for Good

How to Get Rid of Anxiety for Good

Let’s talk about that word that everyone seems to use on a weekly basis. That feeling that you can not seem to get rid of. Half of the world seems to deal with this and it seems to control our daily lives. Can you guess it yet? ….


Ugh, I know you already feel the heaviness in your chest, your brain swelling, and your fears surfacing. The word even ties us in a knot.

I used to struggle with anxiety so bad that I would avoid talking to people, doing things, and experiencing my day. I felt like an elephant had sat down on my chest and was telling me all the possibilities of what could go wrong. There was a day I had decided that I was concentrating so hard on my anxiety that it was getting stronger. I was fueling the rage. I was letting it control me. That was the day I decided to flip my world upside down and take me back!

It’s been a few months now and I feel I AM a survivor of that terrible word.

So, how do you do it? How do you live a life of freedom inside? How do you get rid of anxiety for good? How do we use yoga to do it?

Beauty, I am going to spill it all out for you.


This step is important. It is getting honest with yourself and deciding to change. Calling our your fears, worries, and shit that you leave on the table to be dealt with later. No more leaving it behind for a later day. The time is now. Grab a pen and paper and spell it out for yourself, tell a friend, or talk to yourself. However, you need to get it out, do it. After you do so, see how ridiculous and hard you make things?


Where does anxiety stem from? Could it be hoarding emotions? The answer is yes. When we decide not to deal with things that surface we push emotions down. They then turn into feelings and become anxiety. Eventually they even physically harm our bodies in our stomach, chest, and throat areas. It is time you start to recognize what emotions are pushed down instead of embraced. Start to become spiritually aware of your being and you will see a shift within.


The ultimate healer here! When we turn inward we start to ignite that fire within. We listen to our inner self and block out outward influences that are unneeded. It is powerful and amazing when you start. For years, in my yoga practice, I thought meditation was boring, below me, and didn’t have benefits. I eat my words as I type this right now. It is amazing and it truly cannot be understood until experienced. Like most things in life honestly.


Okay, we talk about being present all the time. Checking in on yourself when you seem to be all over the place and asking yourself if you are present. But, how do we become more present moment to moment? Calm down and slow down. Feelings, music, silence, embracing moments, yoga, smell, touch, taste, etc. These are all things that can bring us back to the present. Even if it is just for a second. It is all about training yourself how to come back. Anxiety also stems from thinking about all the ‘what if’s’ that are in the future. If you bring yourself to the present you will take your mind out of the useless possibilities. Let things be and come as they go.

“You can’t think about presence and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.”

-Ekhart Tolle C


It’s no secret I love the energy of crystals and I embrace the magic. Plus, they are so beautiful and magnificent how could you not fall in love? Find some crystals that will help ground you, inspire you, and align you with your true self. Let your intuition guide you and pick out some that you are drawn too. Place them on your mat, keep them close while you meditate, or carry them with you for good energy. If you’d like to learn more about what crystals can help your anxiety click HERE. I have a few for you to get a hold of.


For this one, I’ll use an example. I have this fear of being in a car. Especially, if I am in the passenger seat. This fear surfaced and created itself from some past issues. It wasn’t enough just to call my fears out. I was actually concentrating so hard on not having this fear, I was once again fueling the fire. I started with a mantra of bringing myself back to the present “You are safe and you are present”. It truly started out that simple.

After this practice became stronger I one day was driving and could feel my insides turning as I passed a huge over-sized truck, I thought about normal people who weren’t terrified to take the freeway to work and thought about how they must feel when driving. I started to not only think about them but put myself in other’s shoes. I then started to imagine myself being fearless behind the wheel.

About a month later, I had made it. I was flying down the freeway feeling safe and not worrying. I decided to attract the abundance of safety in my life.

So I won’t keep you too long on this subject. But the message here is to imagine your best self, feel your best self, and become that version. Attract what you want into your life. I believe this was one of the most powerful practices for me and my ultimate fear.


Go outside and get some fresh air. Do a power stance, a warrior pose, or get a dark crystal. Do something to help your root chakra. OR, click HERE for some root chakra love on the mat!


I had this thought a bit ago that letting go of things is temporary. We tend to say “let go” in yoga so often, but what we don’t get deeper to is releasing which I believe to be permanent. When we release things, we set them free for good. How can you release emotions and things so that you can make permanent space within?

There you have it, yogi. Go out there and set yourself free of anxiety. I believe in you and know you can do it!