16 Idea’s to Fill Your Home Yoga Space

16 Idea’s to Fill Your Home Yoga Space

Have you been strengthening your home yoga practice? Wanting to set up a space to grow? Then, I’ve got just the treat for you today.

I have manifested a home yoga space and I’m excited to share what I keep around to help my flow feel peaceful and at hOMe.

When I first began my home yoga practice I always just pulled out my mat and laid it wherever felt fit. I did the same for my meditation, just sat down to meditate. Which don’t get me wrong this works and is great. You really don’t need anything fancy. This is truly the best part about yoga, simplicity!

Is anyone else one that loves to craft their space and make it cozy? Are you a person who loves to feel comfortable? Yes, I hear you. Setting up a space for yoga will fill your heart with just this. I set up a “yoga wall” for myself and it makes a difference. That wall is now sacred, and I love coming back to that space over and over.

It has become a place to grow and love myself. Plus it’s fun to set up and just have in your home.

Here are a few things for you to get started today! We’ll go over everything, except that mat… I think you’ve got that one down!

P.S. This article has affiliate links. I only suggest things I personally use and love!

Let’s start in the decor section shall we! That’s my favorite part! 



I chose to go with a tapestry I got from amazon for a great price. I love it and it adds a splash of color to my life and practice. You can go with some pictures, art from someone else, or even create your own! Just be you!



I am obsessed with them! In fact, I love filling up my house with them. I even keep them in my pockets for good measure. Pick out some crystals that resonate with you and place them on a shelf, your mat, or even a window seal. You’ll gain some good energy for your poses.



Any plant will do, even fake ones! I have been slowly taking on new babies as my green thumb strengthens! They’re so comforting when you’ve got them around you. Bamboo anyone?



What in earth is an Ishwara? Yes, I am sure you are wondering! It is a person, god, or figure that is placed to worship. A statue of buddha or shiva is great for this! If you want to dive deeper into some yoga history it is really fun to learn about shiva and others!

Next up, lets set the mood! 



Mmmm, I can smell it as I write this article. I love incense and burn it all day long! I’m sure my hair smells like it. Haha! It is a great comfort to have burning. To get a bundle, click here.



Don’t forget the holders! I love the simple ambiance tea lights add to the room. You can even place them all over! Another thing I burn too much…



Also smells delicious to me at least! Sage is great for cleansing your yoga space before you hit the mat. The energy around you truly makes a difference. They’re all types of different sages to toot your fancy!



These babies are said to purify the air around you and because of this add many benefits. Mood booster, better sleep, stress reducer, improves breathing, energy increaser, etc! They also add some love and ambiance to your space! Gotta love that! Snag the extra ambiance here.

For the tools you will need, yes, I’ve got you covered!



I love the cork yoga blocks over the squishy ones. They’re a lot sturdier and really changed my block game. However, the foam block’s are great if you are going to put them under a body part. It’s a bit softer.

Blocks are great to help you align in poses, keep you balanced, and help you lift parts of your body. I one day will do a whole post on this, because they’re so many variations. I could go on all day!

Get a cork block here.

or a foam one here.



Just like the block they’re a lot of things you can do with the strap, but grab one and play around with it! They can be great to increase flexibility or grabbing where you cant reach! They’re cheap and great to add to your yoga practice. Check out the one I have here. However, anyone will do 🙂



To be honest, I am unsure why this exact type of blanket seems to be a yoga staple. But I followed the trend I guess. I love mine and it is great to roll up under me in poses that a block is too bulky for. It’s great for meditation or savasana when it’s cold too! Grab yours here!



If you have boney knees you will thank me! I think I got my knee pad for 7 bucks at Tj-max and I use it all the time! I love it! Even if you’re not boney it might be a good idea to protect your knees anyways! However, they also have it on Amazon and I highly recommend it! Click here to get yours!



Meditation pillow is probably more beneficial, but to be honest I just use a good old regular pillow. It works great! Also, great for Savasana!

…And for a little off the mat love! 



I love doing some writing after meditation or even a good flow. It all just puts you in such an authentic head space and the words run onto the paper. If you have a hard time journaling, I’d suggest trying this out and seeing if it helps you get into the groove.



Lately, I have taken on Tarot Cards with yoga. I have been leaving them on the mat while I stretch, flow, and roll around. Then meditating and digging into their wisdom. So far I have been surprised by how spot on they are with my life. Anyone else have experience doing this?



Of course, don’t forget this! It is free when you subscribe below and it’s packed full of love for you. Set your self up for success beauty!