10 Tips for More Lemons in Your Life

10 Tips for More Lemons in Your Life

There is a spark within you that has power behind it. Whether or not you use it, is up to you. Lately, I’ve heard a lot of people say “the law of attraction isn’t real”. I usually just let their belief be. Who am I to tell them differently? But in my mind, I think that maybe they just do not believe in their selves enough or trust in the universe enough. Perhaps if they knew how to squeeze that lemon, they could change the universe surrounding them.

Being human is messy and there is no one that is perfect. I am first to say I have many imperfections and I love them. I am in love with my flaws. Some days I even let them shine brighter than other days. But this right here, the imperfection parts are the parts that make you unique and you. They stand out and give others reason to love you. Because they see you are confident in your dullest moments. To this I want you to see, that only you will hold yourself back.

I full heartedly believe anything you dream you can talk into existence. Which is why I am here, to help you see the light inside of you and give you some tips on believing more in your beauty. I have a passion to help others realize their potential and get after the things they deserve.

So let’s dive into ways you can join the movement with me. Let’s not wait for life to give you lemons, let us go out and get more lemons!

My 10 Tips for getting more lemons in your life to squeeze!



“You learn a lot more when you are nice”.

A friend sent me this quote saying she liked it. It was a moment I had finished lashing out my emotions at someone close to me. I sent a heart back to her and thought about how this quote was just in time. I re-routed my emotions, calmed my mind, and took a few deep breaths.

Choosing love, kindness, and gratitude towards others and things are going to get you a lot further than angst and whatever negative habits we acquire. You have choices with every moment. Wait…I hear you. Are you already a nice person? Try giving it an extra 10 percent and see what shifts you can make.



I thought I was a grateful person, but this month I set out for abundance by being more of my authentic self. Halfway through this month, I found myself driving down the road with tears in my eyes and feeling so abundant and grateful. I had a moment of realization that I was already as abundant as I needed to be and giving it added authenticity only became bolder.

I think when we start to look around at what we do have instead of what we are lacking we become a magnet to abundance. Do you want more in your life? Try adding the simple attitude of gratitude.



When you feel doubt, down, or in a funk try this. Let your ego fill up pages about the good things you are. Get cocky and indulgent in yourself. Write it all out in your journal. I do this practice probably twice a year and it is so hard to start the pages, but once I get going I shut the journal thinking “I am such a badass”!

Build up that confidence yogi, because you deserve to feel on top of the world.



Crystal magic has become my favorite energy to fill up my space.

I used to collect rocks like any child did, and when I grew older I stopped thinking about rocks. But I had a friend show me energy within them again. I thought it was sort of make-believe non-sense until she made me close my eyes and held crystals above my palm. She’d ask what energy I felt and I always hit it on the dot with the energy it was supposed to give off. I’ve been a lover ever since.

Now you’ll find my pockets, bra, and hands full of them! Go pick out some crystals you are drawn to and carry their added energy with you.

Citrine: is such a great stone for courage, abundance, and that sunny feeling. It is a great one to gain confidence and manifesting more in your journey.



Not just in their clothes or the shoes they wear, but look around you at the people you love or maybe even the people you are just acquainted with and start to lift others up with you. Let them know they are doing a good job, you see their progress, and they are noticed. Doing this will fill up your cup and you will see the universe return the favor. Do it out of love and the rest will follow. Get excited with others!



I am a mother and an imperfect one at that. The days I want to pull my hair out are the days I ask myself “How present have you been today?” normally,  my answer will be “not very”. In that moment I try to shift back into the present and I get outside, do yoga, or meditate. Anything to get me back into a healthy state of mind. Even controlling my breath helps. But if you are feeling a mess, having anxiety, or feeling insane…you are not alone. Ask yourself that question and maybe start to slow down. Do a sort of smell the roses action, look up at the sky for a change or do something out of the usual.



Are you playing small in your life? What is this doing for you? Probably not propelling you into your potential. Let’s play big in our dreams!

I went through a period of time where I felt I wanted to be more, but I got comfortable, which for the moment was maybe something I needed. I needed to feel okay with being exactly how I was. But after a while of it, I felt unfulfilled with my days. I wanted to step into being more of who I was inside. I set out that year to be bolder and gain more power. Not power as in power over others, but stepping into my power inside. That year was amazing. I started to say the things I wanted to say, I learned more about others and started to experience more things.

I highly recommend getting bolder with yourself. Start to put yourself out there and see what happens. I bet it fuels your joy. At least I hope so. Creative living is so magical.

P.S. I read a book on creative living called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and I loved every second of it! I highly recommend it!



When I say clear I mean setting yourself up for success with a crystal clear vision. Give yourself permission to run after this vision with wide open arms! Get after it until you have embodied this vision, and accept nothing less. You have one life to live and I think why not make it count?

I have this thought inside me every day the “what if I died today?” would I regret the way I lived today? I seriously ask myself this every day, and it really changes my mindset when most needed. Now, this is also sort of a fear I overcome too. I just don’t want to die in the blink of an eye. So, maybe this might not be the best advice. I wouldn’t want to project fear onto you.

But, I highly recommend you find a way to push yourself through to your vision. No excuses, you are capable of anything you persist and set your mind to. What are you waiting for?



Does this word make you cringe? Do you hate change? Ugh, I totally feel you. I hate change too, but it’s going to happen with or without your approval. Why not embrace the change?

Change your mindset on change. Isn’t that a funny line? What if you started to actually like change, and what if you started to control the change and create more of it in your life?

Maybe, someday you would actually enjoy it! Why not try it on for size? The reason you hate change is that it feels uncomfortable. Well, how can you get comfortable in being uncomfortable?



Look around you. The space you live in, the people you interact with, the music you listen to, the thoughts you engage with, etc. Take it all in and ask yourself, “Do these things bring you joy”? If the answer is no, how can you immediately shift these to bring you more joy?

Start with shedding and releasing things that do not need to surround you. But what about the things that we can’t control? Try adapting, start with shifting yourself and see what else changes around you.

Maybe its a co-worker you are tired of their drama they are unwilling to fix.

First stop feeding it, second start being more positive around that person, and third put up with nothing more but positivity in situations. Watch that co-worker start to follow your lead. They’ll adapt to you.

The universe will have your back. I promise. When we adapt to our surroundings, we create a space of safety for ourselves, and we feel freer.