5 Poses to Start Doing Yoga with Everyday

5 Poses to Start Doing Yoga with Everyday

You love the idea of yoga and see it all over the internet, but there is one problem. It is intimidating and you have no idea how to start. Future yogi, I see you. I was once in your shoes.
I remember going to class so nervous and shy watching others know exactly what to do. When it came to yoga at home there was no way I was going to do that. I really had no idea where to start. Later I found my home practice and have become passionate in helping others find it too. There is something so amazing to implementing yoga into your life 24/7.
I am here to support you in some beginning poses that are foolproof. Get ready and let’s learn some poses that you can do every day and get comfortable with.



Ahh, tree pose. This pose gives you grounding as well as a sense of freedom. Open your body and do this pose exactly how your body wants. Give it permission to take over and focus on rooting down and growing your branches. Remember not to place your foot on your knee and only your ankle, calf, thigh, etc.



This pose is a great mild heart opener that you can start to feel how your body reacts to back bends. Our bodies aren’t used to being pulled back and contracted that way. Place your fingertips facing the behind you and pull your shoulder blades together. I always get mixed up whether or not my hands point in or out, but if they point out you allow access for your shoulders to pull together.

Breathe into the places that are feeling tight and let sensation come up.



Work on touching your toes! The awesome thing about a forward fold is you can really do it however you want. Standing, sitting, legs wide, legs together, arms folded, etc. So many options here! Play around and see what feels great for you! A tip to get you started is to not force your fold, but to let gravity and breath deepen your fold for you. Each time you get into a forward fold you will see progress. Slow and steady it will happen. Enjoy the journey and don’t focus too much on the end result.



This is a pose of surrender and presence. Something I believe we all need more of every day. We don’t have to control everything, instead it is great to just settle in and listen to the sound of our breath. Your breath will tell you everything about your body if you listen. Get cozy in child’s pose, stretch your arms out long, and sink your hips down.



This pose speaks to my feet and I crave it! This is a chance for your body to restore its energy while you let your blood flow the opposite way. We are on our feet all day and they keep going. Think about how good they’ll probably feel not having to do any work for a minute. Give those puppies a break and throw them up! This is a fabulous pose to do before bed, or in the morning. You can put a block under your lower back, or throw your legs up on the wall. It’s your choice.




This is technically a salutation between two poses, but it is super amazing for your spine. It is going to create flexibility in your spine as well as lubrication in your spine. Close your eyes and let your breath guide you through the movements. Lead with your tail bone and go slow. This pose gives you freedom to move how you want; if your body wants to move one way then listen and let it. This is a great warm up!


Thank you for joining me, beauty. I’ll see you next time for some more on and off the mat love!