5 Ways to Lean into the Light and Lead with Love

5 Ways to Lean into the Light and Lead with Love

We often gravitate toward what we know, the things that are most familiar give us a sense of comfort that we love. When we step outside the comfort zone and decide to rise, we begin to discover new ways to flourish. When we show up to things we desire, it’s may be scary, but with every contraction leads to new ways to fly. I truly believe that each stepping stone leads to the river, and every river leads to the ocean.

Are you a person who loves change or resists? I’ll let you in on a secret, I hate it, but love it… only if I’m in control. The moment it gets out of my hands is the moment I start to scramble. But once I surrender, I watch as everything unfolds. Times we allow ourselves to trust in that first moment we took the leap., that is where our faith chimes in.


I recently had a friend take a step backward in her life. Well, that is what it feels like in her eyes. However, she stepped back and she did the best thing in the situation. The moment she settled in and accepted that the shift was happening and she could choose again. It led to the idea of a new opportunity. She has an interview for an internship. Whether, or not she lands in the opportunity, she now can see sometimes when another door closes, others open. Maybe the path was meant to be that way for a reason. It is always hard to see the light when all you feel is darkness, but what needs to be will always come to the surface. I was watching this all happen on the outside and smiling because I had the belief that she would find her way. I knew this was going to be temporary and I can’t wait to see her blossom.

How can you lean into the light today? How can you create a shift to help you grow? If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, you are in luck! I’ve got some up my sleeve I am willing to share with you!


Reflection, whether it’s present or past, we start to discover more of who we are. How can I express this more? I feel so passionate about journaling and this part is so incredible. When we dive deep into our internal thoughts we start to unleash parts of our self we didn’t realize were there. How amazing is that? With gaining this deeper understanding of who we are through reflecting on our experience; we create more inner trust, guidance, love, beauty, and so much more! Of course, when we discover more of these positive things and start to live them, we will build confidence and shine!

P.S. I’ll have more in-depth journal tips in a course I am building! Stay tuned!


When we are upset or too comfortable we tend to be drawn to staying in. Are you in need of a vacation even? Be willing to get out of the house, do something different, or go somewhere new. This will automatically take you out of the daily mindset you are used to. When we do this, it is as if we step outside the box and we gain the clarity to look inside.


Did you know when you exhale deeply it gives your body release which then instills comfort and relief? Next time fear comes up in any given situation, give yourself a nice big inhale, and let it all out. This will train your body to relax to give you permission to realign and push through. You might even notice your ability to take on stressful situations like a boss. You are amazing and things do not change when we stress out. If you can take just that second to release the tension you will shift your life. I guarantee.


We all have patterns that we take on as human beings even if we are unaware. The good ones keep, but the ones that no longer serve you need to be dropped. Learn to call yourself out on the bullshit. When we can recognize and break the cycle we are able to make space to gain more good habits. Change your mind and change your life.


Ah-ha! I would go here! I know this one isn’t a surprise, but I wouldn’t be embodying my life with yoga if I didn’t fully believe in it. Yoga is a journey and I love how getting on the mat mimics life. This is a bit of my own philosophy, but I love it. Comparing a pose that I just fell out of to an instant in my life I fell. I get back up in yoga, and I believe it helps me get back up in life too. I can always try again. Each practice starts out not knowing what’s about to move. The middle, I may struggle or gain confidence, but the end always comes together and helps me feel whole again.  We allow ourselves to show up, the world, the universe, and people around us show up too. Yoga teaches you how to be in control of you and nothing else.