7 Beauty Tips to Make You Feel Fabulous Everyday

7 Beauty Tips to Make You Feel Fabulous Everyday
Have you ever looked at another person and thought, “wow, how are they so beautiful? How can I be more like that?”As a woman, I am probably guilty of this one too many times, as I am sure many of you are. I am here to tell you the secret to becoming more beautiful. But, today we aren’t going to see how fast we can get long hair, fashion advice, or how to get the best products to up our look. That stuff is all fun, but what if we could ditch everyone else’s advice and stick to what is authentic to you? First, there is no secret. Whoops, sorry to burst the bubble. To be honest, the more you get honest with yourself and be true to the woman you are, the more your beauty will shine. I believe in raw beauty. The kind that the world sometimes persuades us to cover up and fit in. I once fell for this too. I’ll be honest it is still a work in progress. You’ll catch me at the drug store sometimes looking at eyelashes, makeup, and more. But at the end of the day putting on tons of makeup just makes me break out. Do you relate? Alright, lets jump in for why you’re really here. You want to feel more beautiful. Here are my ways to becoming more of it.  


If you spent just as much on health products as you do at Sephora how much better would you feel and look? The more you take care of your body and give it the things it needs the more you are going to feel amazing. What happens when we feel amazing? We start to show it on the outside! I am a huge believer in feeling your best and looking your best will follow. Buying your health can come in all sorts of products such as, skin care, nutrition, natural products, clean food, gym passes, and more! Start with a few things and work your way up. It gets fun the more you dive in!  


The more you give yourself time to do you, you will feel free within your body. I promise you this. Maybe you start with 10 mins a day to do something nice for yourself and work up. Your body, mind, and spirit need time to decompress and reset. If you don’t allow yourself time to rejuvenate, you might find yourself all over the place, and feeling not so great. If you want to dive into more self-care, click here for my previous blog posts on self-care.   ***fix that sentence and add link***  


Do you have some clothes that you pull out of your closet here and there, you put it on, and right away you take it back off, landing on the floor? I am sure you do! But here is the question, why? Why continue to have something in your closet that does not make you feel amazing? It is time to let go of the clothes that no longer make you feel confident. Start wearing more clothes that are true to you. Get rid of that shirt that everyone else is wearing and replace it with that eye-catching shirt that makes you look fabulous! You’ll start to love your closet, and laundry will feel better even. Isn’t that crazy? Try it on for size!  


Stop right now! You are enough! You are strong enough, pretty enough, tall enough, short enough, curvy enough, skinny enough, and whatever else enough! Humans need to embrace more of the body they have been given, because you know what? You are stuck with it and might as well love it. Start right now and give yourself permission to embrace your body completely. Practice looking at yourself deeper and discover what you like about your body. Look into your own eyes and be proud of what you have. This alone will make you feel the most beautiful you have ever felt if you can master it. Confidence is a skill and it’s up to you to obtain it.  


How does complimenting others have to do with your beauty? Think about it, if you are making others feel good in their skin and giving them a tiny boost of confidence, maybe they’ll do the same for you. But, better yet, maybe others will start to be feel good around you, and if you’re seeing others do this, you are bound to join in! Inspire others to create beauty around you and watch shift happen.  


Get silly, weird, and let loose! Why are you holding anything back? If someone doesn’t like it then you’ve just cleared way for someone to love you more! Anyone that doesn’t fuel your joy does not deserve to be in your life. Surround yourself with people that will light up when they see you and gravitate towards your beauty.  


Start being thankful for everything you have vs everything you don’t. Remember, not everyone has great health. Not everyone can see, hear, talk, or walk. The list could go on, but start being excited that today you woke up to you. Nothing is truly better that now is it? If you got anything out of this post I hope that you got the message to believe in your beauty, and create more of it in the world. I truly have a vision in helping others around the world discover their real and raw beauty. When I look around the world I see you. I see the beauty that you could be. Being true to yourself wholeheartedly gives you more than I can even write about. Spread, create, and believe in beauty with me, wont you? P.S. The featured photo for this article was taken by Ethan Watts. Follow him on Instagram here! You’ll fall in love with his work.