Compare Yourself With Kindness

Compare Yourself With Kindness
Life can be a battle, it is full of surprises, the best version and the worst version of yourself. Do you ever look around at others and think, how come they have it so easy? How is it that I just can’t seem to reach higher? Well beauty, I am here to tell you to stop comparing! Comparing yourself to others can be your worst nightmare, and it can also be one of the best things for you. I think it is great to look around at others in the world who can lift you up and inspire you! But the ones who you envy, or want to compete with are the ones you are better off to stop looking at. Stop giving yourself disbelief because you aren’t reaching the same level of their success. Whatever area of life it may be.  

Make a choice!

I used to find myself thinking I was fat, unfit, and never will be skinny. This was a statement that I hope to never go back too. I remember thinking my body just wasn’t like others. The day I decided to love my body and take care of it was the day I changed my mind and believe it or not my body changed slowly with it. I decided to tell myself I was beautiful even if I didn’t currently believe it yet. Then there was one day, I remember the day clearly, I wore a red shirt, to show you how clearly I remember. I got up, looked in the mirror and for that moment I actually believed in myself. I believed that I was beautiful inside and out. I looked at myself thinking ‘wow you are something special’. This put me on a whirl of self-discovery and manifesting how to better look at myself and my life. It took me years to get to that moment, but I had done it. I no longer wore layers of makeup, colored my hair, or followed the fashion trends. I just started following what I wanted and I am so glad I did. I was that person confident in her own skin and it felt fucking good.  

So, why am I telling you this story? 

Because I want you to see, that you no longer need to look around and compare yourself. Your beauty starts right where you are and that is just belief. How can we expect others to see what we have inside if we don’t first believe and shine it? Get in competition with yourself and no one else. You deserve to radiate what you have been given. Rock that strong body and start treating it with the love it deserves. It will start loving you back. I promise. Isn’t it incredible that no one else has been given your same body, mind, or spirit? You are “stuck” with it for life, and maybe longer. Might as well start building a good relationship with yourself and loving it fully. How can you not deeply love that? Start now by growing and learning more about yourself. It is so funny how we think we know yourself, but later uncover things to run after. Life isn’t a race and it isn’t here for you to tell yourself bullshit comments all day. Change your mind, and start changing your life. You are amazing and that is all.