10 Poses for Sciatica Pain Relief

10 Poses for Sciatica Pain Relief
I have gotten this yoga request a ton and I am so ready to share it with you! Let’s talk sciatica! If you have this problem, you know that it can be everything from annoying, to putting you on a beach and not being able to get off the beach, and to couching it for the evening! Yes, I have truly been there! However, an amazing thing I discovered was when I had been doing yoga for a few months almost all my sciatica pain was gone and my back problems also seemed to be at ease! Yoga doesn’t work overnight. It works slow and steady to really get down to the root of the issue! You will find that over time you will learn how to self-heal yourself with stretching and you’ll be addicted to doing it everywhere and anywhere! I’ve got a story from when I was pregnant. About second trimester I was damn near dropping to the ground as my sciatica nerve would catch. It was he worst and stretching only seemed to relieve pain temporarily. One day I had decided I was not going to continue 6 more months in pain. I started doing squats to see if strengthening that area would help. To my surprise, it did! I am now a firm believer that not only stretching things out, but also helping your body better support certain areas will set you up for relief! So if stretching isn’t always helping maybe it’s time to start building up your body to be stronger. No more tennis ball tricks or medication! Let’s heal together!  

As you go through these poses make sure you cultivate the following:

-Care -Mindfulness -Patience -Being Present -Gratitude It is important to recognize that we are healing not fixing. Be kind to yourself and know that it will take time to help your sciatic nerve not freak out!  

Things to help ease discomfort:

STOP if any pinching or actual pain -Breathe into sensation -Find a comfortable spot in poses, relax. -Feel free to wiggle around in poses. If shifting your weight around helps, do it! -If one pose is too intense, might be time to move on to the next pose. -No time limit in poses. You do you. Listen to your body and calm your mind. This will deepen your practice and create trust with yourself. Do what you need and not what you think you need.  

The Poses:

Alright, here are some poses for you to help heal and get to feeling your absolute best and help relieve sciatica pain! No more medication or tennis ball tricks! Play around in your wide forward fold by walking your hands gently side to side. This will allow you to shift your weight and recognize exactly where the pain is coming from. Afterward twisting through each side feels amazing. Feel free to repeat this part a few times before continuing. Be gentle with yourself in this section, if the first part is too intense, it might be time to move on. Again shifting your weight around or pulling on your legs might feel great, or not. Do what makes you feel good! I love to use a blanket under my lower back for added comfort and support. Okay, with your seated forward fold here move one hip forward creating an asymmetric fold. This will break up tension and hopefully get you closer to healing. Breathe deeply of course, and let gravity really do the work for you. Ahh, waterfall pose for the finally, let your body sink into complete relaxation and calm the mind. This is great to let the blood flow the other way and give your body some rejuvenation as well as take in and analyze everything it just did. I love to hang out in this pose for a long time. You might want to end with a Savasana or meditation to complete your practice. I love to ask my body for healing, peace, and patience. I hope that this helps you mentally, physically, and emotionally and you’re on your way to rocking your days again. Feel better yogi.