6 Ways to Bring Focus to Your Practice 

6 Ways to Bring Focus to Your Practice 

Do you ever get on your mat and do a couple poses and think I just don’t want to today. Maybe you are just not in it to win it. Your mind is everywhere and a nap seems like a better place to be? Maybe you lack the focus to continue?

Don’t give up, I’ll admit I’m all over the place in life and some days yoga is the only thing that helps me regain focus, emotional stability, and more! Yes, I am human too! Sometimes we need to help our minds focus in so we can create a practice we’ll love.

What can focus do for your practice?

It can help deepen your poses, breath control, figure out poses differently, improve stability, calm your mind, get into your body, get rid of emotions or feelings you may be bringing to the mat, etc! The list goes on! The more you develop focus on your mat, I bet you know what I’m about to say..the more you’ll develop it off the mat! This is one of the beautiful things about yoga, is it not only changes you from the outside, but the inside too. It creates so many good habits for any lifestyle.

Here are 3 ways to help yourself focus on the mat so you can later take it off the mat:

1. Drishi: set your gaze on a point that won’t move. Stare at that point. Your body, mind, and spirit will all be able to steady giving you access to a deeper practice.

2. Breath: Of course, we are always talking about breath in yoga. This is because breath is the holder of so many controls. The more you can control this energy the more you will feel harmony.

3. Meditation: Another one I’m always suggesting, and there’s a reason! One of the best medications for focus is candlelight meditation. Here you will light a candle and focus on the flame and induce meditation. This one is great if you are new to “sitting”.


Here are 3 more!

4. Let go of ego-clear mind: The ego gets a lot of harsh comments. That’s only because it doesn’t know when to quit when it’s best. However, if we can train ourselves to disconnect from “I” we can feel free just for a little bit. The ego loves to be in control. Take back your command and let your true self shine on the mat.

5. Commit: This one is big! If you jump on your mat with half intention that’s exactly what you’re going to get out of your practice. Start showing up 100% and watch your flow grow. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing new things on that mat where it will be fun instead of a chore.

6. Slow it down or speed it up: If you’re having a time keeping up with the fast pace poses, maybe your body is letting you know it’s time to deepen your poses and make some space! The opposite can also happen. If you’re having a hard time sinking into child’s pose maybe it’s time to get up and do some warriors! With time you’ll be able to understand how your body communicates with you. Learn to adjust and change for yourself. Get rid of any judgement, this is your practice after all.

There you have it. 6 tips and tricks to get to your center. Eventually, with your home practice, you will create a rhythm with your mat and your intuition will speak up. For now, just go with whatever comes up, be patient, and believe in you.