Finding Confidence Through Yoga 

Finding Confidence Through Yoga 
I remember a time when I wanted to find myself, wanted to have my purpose, and wanted others to see what I had inside. I felt I hid behind my eyes. Furthermore, I wanted to be bold, bright, and beautiful. There was a day I had decided I was going to get it. I was going to take what was within and shine it. I was going to have more confidence. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took years…to be honest, I still work on it every day. I am only human, who has weakness and strength just like you. Just like most others out there. Even the ones that won’t admit it. We are all working on ourselves one day at a time. Where do we start when it comes to building our confidence? What stepping stones can we place so that one day confidence will flow out of us?

1. Start being more kind to yourself and others.

Are you too hard on yourself at times? All it takes is a switch of the mind. Training it to say “I AM …”. The more you encourage yourself the more you’ll find the courage within yourself to be the best version of you. I’ve found that being kind to others also does the same. When you can embrace others flaws, you find that yours also can be embraced. This way others will also follow your lead. It is amazing when we can inspire others to also be nothing but themselves.

2. Let go of fear.

Are you afraid of what others might think? Others opinions are nothing but a reflection of themselves. If they aren’t going to accept your changes you should stop accepting them into your life. You never know, maybe making space for others will invite even more amazing individuals. Fear, worry, and doubt all go hand in hand. Let go of them and start believing in your potential.

3. On the mat love

Practice stillness in grounding poses, warrior poses, and poses that ignite your fire inside. The more you can feel good on the mat, the more you’ll take that off the mat with you. Gratitude can also be a beautiful thing on your mat. Start looking at parts of your body that are strong! Start loving every part of you and your body. Who knows maybe one day you’ll actually believe it. You deserve it!

4. Intention setting.

One of my favorite things to do is imagine something and achieve it. Close your eyes and  visualize the best version of you. Your favorite part about who you are. After you have that person with you don’t let go, hold on to that person, and own that person. Declare it that, that is the person you are becoming and want others to see. This is your beauty to spread. No one else can take that from you. Inhale that version of you, and exhale any other energy that isn’t you.

5. Start doing new things.

You will grow by getting out of your comfort zone and doing new things. Exploring more of you can be such a liberating feeling. You’ll discover more about yourself when you challenge your being to do new things. Maybe you’ll even find a new love for something you had no idea was out there.

6. Spread your beauty.

Beauty is about owning who you are and how you want to be. It’s about what’s deep, raw, real, and everything everyone else is not. It is the true version of you. The kind of you that sneaks through your eyes when you smile. Its the energy you give off to someone you just met. The feeling you give someone you’ve known awhile. It isn’t the version our minds tell us beautiful is. It is simply becoming your own version of the word. I  sure there are many other ways to build confidence. The best part is now you get to explore doing so. This is your time! Get out there and shine bright, because you are you and there is nothing more incredible than that. The world needs more gems around. Get out there and start being the best you can be. I can’t wait to see.