6 Poses to Make Sure Your Root Chakra is Balanced

6 Poses to Make Sure Your Root Chakra is Balanced
It is time to go into this next year with the confidence you have in you. This week is all about our Root Chakra. So as you get on your mat; make it moody, get your mind in a good place, and get ready to connect with your true self. I suggest following this sequence up with a meditation, or deep long Savasana. Today, we are going to release anything that is too heavy and is no longer giving us purpose. We are going to really concentrate on making space and inviting in better energy. We are not going to allow anything else, but fluid energy. Become a vessel for things to pass through you. Let things be as they are. Take your time in each pose and I mean really take your time. Allow yourself to sink deeper with each breath, and be okay with sensation. Listen to your thoughts as if they were ocean waves, let them pass through you instead of engaging with them. This will allow you to release any fear, doubts, and bullshit. The more real and raw you get here the more you will open the channels to flow freely. Be in the moment exactly as it is, and you will find a beautiful stillness. Get that Root Chakra balanced. If you’d like to add in anything of your own to create more of what you love, please do so. This is your practice and you have the choice to do whatever you choose. If something calls out to you, don’t push it away. Who knows, maybe it is exactly what you needed to unleash. Let’s get started!  

Power Stance: 

Send the energy down through your feet, root them into the ground and intake energy you need for a better you. Start to connect with the power of your breath. Bring awareness to your mat and get in tune with intentions you are seeking.  

Forward Fold (Hands Under Feet or Ankles):

Let your head hang heavy here and let everything be as they are. Staying in a forward fold for a while can feel so nice! So don’t rush this pose! Putting your hands under your feet (or your ankles, even your shins) creates a seal of energy so we keep it all running through us. Lock in that energy and feel it out.  

Buddha Squat or Duck Pose: 

Okay, yogi’s I’m going to just get honest here, this pose is hard for me. I get in and out of this pose a few times when I first begin. I’m learning to really just let sensation be okay for me. So, if you struggle with this pose you are not alone. Just go with it. Find where you can be comfortable and sink in.  


This pose is all about the release and another great pose for the Root Chakra. We are going to really let go of everything that comes up. If tears come, let them fall. Let go of worry, fears, control, negativity, greed, etc. ALL of it! Saying ‘no’ to these things will free up space for positive words. Let it all out yogi’s.  

Childs Pose (Hands Facing Up):

Remember all of that space we just created? This is the time to fill it with everything good. Imagine you at your best self, and fill up! Don’t underestimate yourself, you are enough. So, let in the good stuff beauties.  

Lotus or Meditation Pose: 

However, your legs are comfortable just sit up tall, and let your core hold you up. I love to do a little Jhana Mudra, (pointer finger to thumb) for some added focus. Just let your thoughts wash away, as you listen to sounds as they were ocean waves. I love to visualize roots growing from my tailbone and spreading into the ground. Then I like to picture everything else growing and blossoming into a flower from the crown of my head. This really helps me ground down. It also gives me a sense of growth and beauty.     However, do what feels good for you. If you’d like to continue onto meditation, go for it! These are some awesome simple poses to get things out, balance your Root Chakra intake the energy that will help you feel incredible. Thank you for joining me, I’ll see you next time on the mat!