“My goal in my career path is to combine yoga and counseling.” -Angela Jeanne

“My goal in my career path is to combine yoga and counseling.” -Angela Jeanne

I learned of yoga when I got my first gym membership when I was 17. I thought it was a pre-workout stretch so I would consistently take the class then begin my workout. It wasn’t until I joined a yoga studio that I really understood what yoga was. Coincidently the first yoga studio I joined is now the yoga studio I work at. It’s funny how the universe works.

My true underlying passion is helping people. I have my Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. The feeling of giving another person that outlet to truly express their feelings and thoughts is indescribable. As a society we are often encouraged to suck up our feelings and continue living your life. The act of opening up and expressing our thoughts to another human being is cathartic and genuinely healing.

My goal in my career path is to combine yoga and counseling. This would be a true mind/body experience for a person and, in my opinion, the only true way of progression. The body holds so much emotion, whether it is holding tension in our shoulders from stress or pushing our feelings into our hips, our body is a fortress of emotions. There have been times when I was in an amazing hip opener stretch and I felt a rush of sadness explode within my body. The act of opening that area let go of a memory and feeling you are holding on to.

There is a quote in Buddhism that says “holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Holding on to anger and sadness and regret is doing the mind and body no good. Besides talking it out or taking a yoga class there are other ways of releasing that emotion. Journaling, meditations, and art are amazing ways of letting go of whatever is stuck. These forms of release are much less vulnerable for an individual.

My yoga classes I strive for are ones that feel supportive, uplifting, and encouraging. I want to know the students’ names and for the students to be aware and familiar with others in the room. I want sharing and writing to be a common occurrence in class. And the most important aspect of my classes and my counseling is that I want my students and clients to feel free; to feel that they leave a class with less baggage that they walked in with. I often tell my clients that this is their time; their hour that they gave up in their day to sit with me, so make every second be meaningful.

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