The Beauty of The Present

The Beauty of The Present

Life is full of ups, downs, and left-handed turns. Sometimes we get comfortable and forget to keep up the progress. Other times we’re so uncomfortable, we forget to enjoy the little things.

I’m a believer in getting between the comfortable and uncomfortable. Finding peace with what’s standing in front of you right now. What are you enjoying with each breath you take?

Where are you at?

Stuck in the prettier picture that you are creating in your mind? You know in your heart it could be a great start of what could be. Head in the clouds and never wanting to reality back. It can be a beautiful thing to feel and manifest, yes. But are you enjoying the ride or are you stressed out trying to be there already?

Where is there anyhow?

Maybe, you are stuck in the past when it was greener and things seemed to be brighter. Maybe you miss the days where everything just seemed to flow and you were a vessel. I’ve been here too and it’s a dangerous place to be. You can dig down the hole of what was, or what could be. But you could also focus on now and what is next. How can things get to a place where you can feel how you felt? In a different light, and appreciate the harder times.

You might as well, because life doesn’t go backwards no matter how hard we try.

Isn’t this all just a little fucking backwards? I’m telling you to stick in the now, go forward, but appreciate your past. Hmm…

I know from experience you can get lost. The trick to the tricky is to indulge in what you are experiencing…soak it all in. Make time for the small things that make your being feel more alive. Treat yourself and others with kindness. Smell the roses, look up at the sky, and be fully engaged with the universe around you. Stay with the positive and rid the negative. Run after the passions you create, because life is too short to let them run from you.

Life is a playground and sometimes an obstacle. It is all about how you enjoy the beauty of all of it. You’ve only got one life (that we know of) and in that one life you make a choice everyday, of how you live today. And how you live today is most likely how you live tomorrow.

How do you choose to be?

King of the playground who leads with confidence, or supporter and helping others cross the way? There’s the one who sits on the side and fears to engage. The trouble maker who gets pulled out of the fun. Don’t forget who never steers away from the same exact same thing every time. For some that is comfortable, but I encourage to step out of your zone and try something new. Maybe you’ll find thrill in seeking more. What kid are you?

Any way you choose to be, it’s best to really know your strengths and lift them up. Don’t get stuck in the things that drag you down. Life isn’t meant to be lived in the past, or the future. It is meant to be lived step by step. One day at a time.

I’m no master at life, I only speak from what I know. But one thing that is tried and true, I am happiest in my present moments, after all life is a gift. Even though day dreaming is one of my best talents. My past is full of beauty; old versions of me. Now is exactly where I choose to be.