7 Poses to Unleash Your Inner Power

7 Poses to Unleash Your Inner Power

The end of the year is near, where everyone starts to set goals and resolutions. But how can we gain motivation and confidence that will stick?

Have you ever tried to power up with yoga poses? It can be a great way to get more grounded, feel your potential, and get your body aligned with your mind. The best way to do these poses will be when you’ve got some time to sink into them and visualize what you want to manifest.

Set intention to get in a good mindset by the end of this practice. Get bold with these poses and remind your body you are strong. Try not to fidget and find stillness within each movement. Bring awareness to your breath and breathe slow and with ease. This will help you deepen into sensation instead of running.

Join me, roll out your mat and lets begin our power poses.

Power Mountain:

I know this is super simple, but this is such a great grounding pose for us. Especially if you have your shoes off and you’re outside. We release things through our feet and can re-root our beings into the earth. If you want you can stand in an ‘X’ instead, or both. Try out what makes you feel more grounded and powerful. Keep energy in your fingers to bring in good energy here.

Warrior 2:

What is any power pose sequence without Warrior two? This one cultivates a sense of strength within us. Set your focus and imagine yourself being the strongest version of you. What battle are you fighting right now? You have everything within you to conquer what you are after.

Warrior 3: 

Just lift the back leg and lengthen into Warrior three. Lengthen through the crown of your head and stretch the back foot away from you. This will help you steady your balance. Imagine yourself taking on things as that strongest version of you and build resilience in your being.


Wind up and find stability in the things that feel uncomfortable. This pose can help you get ready to be okay with changes as your body will find that stable zone then weight might shift. Making you seek stability again. Just like life, always shifting on us and throwing new obstacles our way.

Moon Pose: 

Your knee should be over your toes as you lengthen through the crown of your head. Let gravity pull your hips and sink into this pose. If you’d like to open your chest, arch your back a bit. Here find peace and ease to cultivate and take with you off the mat.


This is the time to reflect on your inner self and understand more of yourself. Take the time to release things that are conflicting you and build awareness into what it is that you will move forward with.


Grow your roots and be more you. Get creative with this pose and do whatever calls to you in this moment. Spread your toes and ground down. This is my favorite variation pictured below.